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How To Install And Maintain Solar Street Lights?

Author 2024-04-18 13:37:51

Before starting the installation, you must draw a line around these areas. Then, read the instructions carefully to learn about the installation process, safety precautions, and the circuit diagrams you should bring. Also, it would be great if you check out the necessary kits required to install solar street lights.

Solar accessories list

Solar panel bracket (solar bracket) lampLight pole access panel flangeBasic Cage Battery and Battery Box Controller

120W all in one solar light

Installation steps

If you haven’t installed any solar street lights yet, you can follow my guide to do so. I've broken down the entire process into steps for you to understand better. So let's get started -

1. Install the lamp base

First, choose a flat, level, non-sloping ground to make the foundation of the solar street light. Then, remove the four screws and secure the base cage securely to the ground. After that, align one side of the foundation cage parallel to the edge of the road. Securely complete the installation of the concrete foundation cage; now the street light foundation is ready.

2. Connect the battery and battery box

Place the battery close to the Base Cage, below ground level, to a depth of approximately 600 mm. Then, read the circuit diagram and follow the instructions to connect the battery.

3. Install solar street lights

To do this, you need to follow some steps carefully

1. Use a support bench to raise the lamp post to one meter above the ground.

2. Then install and fix the solar bracket on the upper part of the light pole. Next, place the solar panels on the solar brackets and attach them using bolts. However, you need to remember to handle solar panels with care. To perfectly connect the solar panels to the battery, street lights and controller, you can follow the circuit diagram.

3. Now, take the light fixture and place it on the pole. Then, place it, back side up, on the ground. You can then see there are red buttons on both sides of the fixture; just press them. Rotate the light fixture and install the plastic black light bracket. At this point, place the bulb into the socket. If you need an electronic ballast, put it inside the fixture. Follow the circuit diagram when connecting the light fixture to the controller. Install and make sure the light fixture is securely attached to the light pole.

4. Don't forget to check the attachment to make sure each connection is in the correct position. Additionally, you can check the connections of components and wires against the diagram.

5. Use a crane to lift the light pole and make sure it is upright on its base. After that, connect it using bolts and tighten it to hold it in place.

6. Connect the wires, place the controller into the light pole, and connect the controller correctly. Finally, double-check that the installed street lights are functioning properly.


Tips for installing and maintaining solar street lights

On-site evaluation: Before installing solar street lights, you need to conduct on-site evaluation for better performance. In this case, you can check for sun exposure, potential shade, and local weather conditions. These will help you find the perfect spot for maximum energy absorption. On-site analysis can also help you choose the ideal IP rating for your solar lights.

Proper installation: It is very important to ensure that solar street lights are installed safely and levelly, especially for large street lights. If a light fixture is improperly installed, there is a potential risk of an accident. A sudden fall of a solar street light may claim a life. This is why securely mounted dental lights are considered part of the safety measures. Additionally, proper alignment can enhance energy capture and prevent structural problems. For accurate information, you can follow the manufacturer's guidelines for mounting height and angle.

Regular Cleaning: Clean your solar panels and fixtures regularly to remove dirt, dust and debris that can reduce efficiency. Therefore, regular cleaning can ensure the good performance of solar street lights and extend their service life.

Prompt repairs: Address any damage or malfunction promptly to avoid lengthy downtime. Additionally, you can often check components such as batteries, wiring, and sensors for wear or damage. If you find any issues, take the time to fix them, as this will prevent minor issues from escalating and ensure consistent functionality.

Monitor performance: A monitoring system can help you track the performance of your solar street lights. Therefore, you can check energy production, battery level, and light output. This will help the system run efficiently and resolve any issues promptly.

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