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The function and characteristics of full-spectrum Cannabis grow lights

Author 2022-06-07 17:57:31

What is a full spectrum Cannabis grow lights?
Cannabis Grow Lights is a complementary light source developed to simulate the solar spectrum and used for the growth of Cannabis. The visible light in the spectrum has a reasonable ratio from 385NM blue light to 780NM red light, and the light wave curve mimics the shape of the solar spectrum. The light color is like the sunlight color at around 10 a.m. with strong color display and small color temperature drift. With high light efficiency and large light pass, it can meet the requirement of filling light of cannabis.

Function of light compensation point:
The light compensation point is the light when the photosynthetic intensity and respiration intensity of cannabis reach the same level.
Below the light compensation point, respiration of hemp exceeds photosynthesis, and the stored organic matter is consumed instead of accumulating. For a long time below the light compensation point, the marijuana gradually shrivels and dies.
Above the light compensation point, photosynthesis was more than respiration and organic matter could be accumulated.
With the increase of temperature, respiration was enhanced and the light compensation point increased.
Therefore, when cultivating cannabis in greenhouse, high temperature should be avoided when there is insufficient light, so as to reduce the light compensation point and facilitate the accumulation of organic matter.

Full spectrum Cannabis Grow Lights:
Cannabis Grow Lights is an artificial light source with full spectrum that is developed in accordance with the growth law of Cannabis and the principle of simulating the ratio of solar spectrum. The wide radiation range reaches more than 100LM per watt, truly meeting the requirements of green and energy saving lighting.
For agricultural greenhouses, supplemental light can be increased at any time of day to always help the marijuana with photosynthesis. Especially during the winter months, effective lighting can be extended. No matter at dusk or night, it can effectively prolong and scientifically control the light required by cannabis, and is not affected by any environmental changes.

Full spectrum Cannabis Grow Lights features:
The full spectrum Cannabis grow lights are developed according to the wavelength range and illumination required for the growth of Cannabis. The rational use of this light can not only breed and grow under conditions not suitable for the growth of Cannabis, but also speed up the breeding of crops and shorten the growth cycle of crops. Avoid the occurrence of diseases and insect pests and malformed fruit.

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