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What does the long life of your LED stadium lights have to do with?

Author 2022-05-30 18:24:31

For LED sports lighting system, heat dissipation and optical problems are equally important, the quality of heat dissipation performance directly affects the LED sports lighting luminescence stability and service life.

Therefore, in the case of the same power, the service life of LED stadium lamps mainly depends on the performance of the heat dissipation materials used and the structural design of the lamps.
In today's era of brand vicious competition, there must be a breakthrough in LED heat dissipation. The most direct way to improve the luminous stability and service life of LED court lights is to have unique heat dissipation black technology.

Poor heat dissipation directly leads to reduced service life of LED lamps and lanterns

Since LED lamps convert electric energy into visible light, there is a conversion problem, which cannot convert 100% of electric energy into light energy. According to the law of energy conservation, excess electric energy is converted into heat energy. If the heat dissipation structure design of LED lamps is not reasonable, this part of heat energy can not be eliminated quickly, then due to the small size of LED packaging, LED lamps will accumulate a lot of heat energy, resulting in reduced life.
Hishine Group's solution for LED sports lighting system -- the patented heat dissipation material integrates the advantages of aluminum, expanded graphite, silicon powder and other components, and has good thermal conductivity and insulation performance, which can prolong the service life of LED stadium lamps and improve the actual luminous flux. Compared with other LED lamps, The Hishine Group LED sports lighting system is designed to ensure a life span of more than 50,000 hours.

The deterioration of material quality leads to optical decay problems

Usually, some materials of stadium lamps are easy to oxidize when they are used for a long time. As the temperature of LED lamps rises, these materials are repeatedly oxidized at high temperature, the quality will decline and the life will be shortened. At the same time, because of the switch, the lamp causes many thermal expansion and cold contraction, so that the strength of the material is destroyed, easy to lead to the problem of light decay.
In order to solve this problem, Hishine Group LED sports lighting system also has unique black technology. The cooling materials used are evenly dispersed, compact in structure, light in weight and waterproof, and the surface is not easy to rust. The materials have low thermal resistance, fast heat conduction and durability, so as to solve the problem of light decay caused by aging of general LED stadium lamps.

Overheat for a long time easily cause light color inconsistency of lamps and lanterns

This is a common problem of LED lamps. When the temperature of LED stadium lamps rises, the electrical impedance increases, leading to an increase in current, which leads to an increase in heat. In such a cycle, more and more heat will eventually cause color discolouring of light, resulting in poor stability of light.
In terms of light color effect, Hishine Group LED sports lighting system has the advantages of high stability, high reliability and ultra-high thermal conductivity, which can well maintain the constant illumination level and consistency of light color.

To reduce the temperature rise, better ventilation channels should be provided in the lamp structure design

According to the principle of air circulation, when there is a temperature difference between two areas, the Hishine Group LED sports lighting system will exchange hot and cold air through the ventilation channel. In this way, the air flows through its own structural design, which greatly improves the heat dissipation effect of the lamps. Therefore, in addition to the use of proprietary heat dissipation materials, lamp structure design in the heat dissipation technology above also played a very important role!

LED heat dissipation technology is an important technical problem in LED industry.

Hishine Group takes a small step ahead of the industry in LED sports lighting heat dissipation technology through an innovative application of LED special low-energy thermal resistance aluminum composite heat dissipation material and product structure design, so that its products can not only improve the energy conversion rate of LED stadium lamps, but also get rid of the trouble of LED stadium lamps heat dissipation

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