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The best LED stadium lights

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What is the best LED stadium light

As technology advances, the latest technology in the field of lighting is developing so fast. Football field lighting has its own rules and regulations, which must be followed. LED, the demand for increasingly high standards. The basic size of the illumination device field varies from the different size of the field. HI-ROBOT led stadium lights provide a variety of lighting to suit your lighting needs (standard).


What are the lighting standards for football fields

Football stadium lighting is not as simple as you understand. It is divided into three categories, which according to the ideal EN12193 international standards.

1. Class III

As per standards of EN12193, the LED lighting guidelines include 75 lux horizontal lights for amateurish field. When it comes to recreational football fields and high school football grounds, the range is usually from 75 lux to 200 lux.

Football Stadium Lighting Standards

2. Class II

Class II involves the lighting guidelines for leagues and clubs. The standards are 200 lux horizontal lightings with the uniformity of 0.6. This is especially set for semi-professional stadiums.

3. Class III

Class I includes all the stadiums for professional purposes. These stadiums are to be used for televising the events as well, for which the lighting needs to be professional as well. These grounds are used for national and international games so the lights installed must be high performance and of excellent quality. For this purpose, the ground lux ranges from about 1000lux to 2000lux, the uniformity ranges about U1 at 0.7, and U2 around 0.8.


How to adjust the LED light pole to solve the football field lighting solutions

Mounting the lights correctly as per standards is also important, especially when it comes to professional matches. The lighting should follow the basic guidelines, so that illumination throughout the stadium is accurate. HI-ROBOT led stadium lights offers standard lighting for all purposes in field lighting to help you in achieving your lighting goals.

1. Four Corners

Lighting at four corners imply that the lighting poles are set at four corners around the stadium,so that the light beams cover from corners to center of the ground. For this purpose, the height for poles must be as high as possible so that the light can travel easily to the center while controlling anti-glare as well as uniformity of light. To create uniformity in lights, the height of installation should be at least above 30 meters from the ground in Class I stadium.

2.  Four Poles in Center

In this category, the four lighting poles are arranged at the center of the two sides; this enable the light beams to cover the complete ground evenly. This is important to consider, so this needs to be set as high as possible as well.

3. Six to Eight Pole Distribution

When it comes to more lighting poles, the height of the poles does not need to be too high. The uniformity will come with normal height as well. This is usually for training grounds in high schools and community grounds.


What is the best LED football field light?

Through the above, we learned about the three types of football stadium lighting standards and the establishment of light poles. The next step is our most important and critical link. What light is the best football field lighting?

1. High light efficiency

HI-ROBOT led Football Stadium light 160lm per wattUnder the same conditions, the higher the light efficiency, the more energy-saving. led Football Stadium lights from HISHINE use high-quality LED chips, the light efficiency can reach up to 160lm/W to acquire energy saving at most and remarkable rebate from electricity.

2. Typhoon 12 resistance

HI-ROBOT led stadium light The unit features with hexagon design that minimizes wind load. Tests have showed that it can withstand 12-level wind resistance.


3. High CRI And TV Broadcasting Compatibility

flicker and color rendering indices of the lighting are two of the important quality aspects that influence the effect of TV broadcasting.

led stadium lights from HISHINE employ high-quality drivers which do not produce any visible stroboscopic effects thus the clear viewing is possible without a flicker in a high-definition broadcasting environment.


And they can also be tuned to come closest to natural sunlight (Ra>90) without adding any glare or distorting ultraviolet or infrared lighting spectra; all lead to the best possible color appearance and contrast to following even the fastest action on sports playing field.
4. Laser sight

In order to save the football field installation costs, HISHINE lighting designers planned to install sights on the football field lights. The precise aiming device will help aim the light precisely at the aiming point with a red laser capable of projecting at a maximum distance of 300m. It's all about making your job easier and reducing installation costs in half.

5. Various Beam Angle

Different stadiums have different needs. To meet these needs, we need lights with multiple power options, Multiple optice option. Including 20 ° / 30 ° / 45 °

6. Visor to trim the excess upward light

The redundant light is light which spills out of the playing surface and into surrounding areas, such as residential zones or parking aprons etc. The visor is specially designed to trim the excess upward light for excellent control of spill light and limitation of glare.

7. Warranty

HISHINE provides 7 years warranty for all led football stadium lights. If you choose HI-ROBOT football stadium lights, you can get quick support at any time.


When it comes to football stadium led lighting, keeping up with the guidelines of the specific standards are important. You can select the lighting type according to the use of the football field whether you need to light up a football field for a school, or for national games. You can choose from the three classes and decide accordingly. The more professional the football field and game is, the higher the need for illumination, quality and lux of LED stadium lamps.To enjoy this service, please feel free to contact us at email



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