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Advantages of LED Lighting for Sports Fields and Stadiums

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Advantages of LED Lighting for Sports Fields and Stadiums 

New lighting standards for stadiums: Light-emitting diodes (LED) are now widely used in stadiums and sports venues. LED lighting not only provides a good enjoyment for watching games, but also reduces costs and improves the condition of the entire power grid. If the owner and team choose LED sports lights to update outdoor stadiums and sports venues, how can LED improve the lighting quality?


General Updates

Many places are transitioning from old, less efficient halide and high-pressure sodium(HPS) lighting fixtures to the transformation of LED outdoor lighting fixtures, including stadiums, universities, high schools and even parks. You may start to observe the trend of major teams, including the NFL main stadium is also turning to LED lighting design. Thus LED sports lights will become the main trend of sports area.


Longer Lifespan

Compared with traditional HPS stadium lights or metal halides, LEDs have a longer lifespan. The lights are brighter and a larger area is covering, which allows fans and spectators to watch the game better. Due to the longer lifespan of the LED stadium lights, maintenance work is reduced, so you will spend less manpower to replace, repair and maintain the light. If you live in an area with bad weather, please take an outdoor LED lighting project, you will get reliable and durable lighting throughout the year.


Substantial saving

Most importantly, LED lighting are energy-efficient and cost-effective, which is another main reason why LED lighting are so popular. The energy consumed by LED lighting is about half that of traditional bulbs and lighting equipment, so this is reflected in the monthly savings in energy costs. Upgrading to LED is an investment, and you can recover the cost in a relatively short time.


Multiple Usages

Stadiums and outdoor sports fields are trying to attract fans and spectators, thus you want the led lighting to have a certain entertainment nature. Outdoor LED lighting design can provide spectrum adjustment elements for your sports fields, and it can help you create light shows for events and provide magical things for guests and visitors.


Are you ready to take the leap towards LED lighting? If LEDs are widely used in stadiums and businesses, is your city worth seeing? Contact the lighting professionals at Hishine, a professional outdoor LED lighting company retrofits for your projects.

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