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Football Stadium Lighting--The Standards you need to know

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Football Stadium Lighting--The Standards you need to know

With the improvement of technology and living standard, the football field is becoming the most important and frequent place used. LED and led light need to improve to satisfy the requirement of the football field. Therefore, it has also promoted the improvement and promotion of led football field lighting. What is the new requirement and standard of football field light you need to know? Today, let us learn about it.


What’s the football stadium lighting?

Football sports is a very popular activity, it needs professional athletes and teams with special skills to attend and make the competition for each other. Some football stadiums that can accommodate athletes, audiences, and staff members will be appeared to holing the competitions.

The football stadium lighting plays a very important role in the success of a sports stadium. The competition will be held at any time whether white day or dark day, so football stadium lighting can ensure the normal usage of the sporting games by adding artificial lighting in the stadium to Imitate natural light.


Seven standards of football stadium lighting you need to know

To make a good solution for the football field, you need to know the seven standards of football field lighting.

1.Illumination requirement of a football field

Compared with decorative lighting, its most direct goal of led football field light is to provide basic lighting for athletes, audiences, coaches, spectators, and cameras and video cameras. The light seeks to be as close to natural light as possible and is an auxiliary existence for sports. But the purpose of decorative lighting is to highlight the illuminated object or the light itself and make it more noticeable. For example, in a light show, the light is the protagonist. (Meet led football stadium lighting standards)

The football field lighting standards can be as below:

Competition Level

Calculate the orientation

Horizontal illumination

Vertical illuminance




Illumination uniformity


Illumination uniformity









Non TVs

Training and entertainment competition









League competition









Professional competition








For TV Relay competition

International level

Fixed camera










Field camera








National coherent broadcasting

Fixed camera










Field camera







The lighting standard of football field have always been formulated by developed countries in football, and the levels and systems of football games in these countries are very complete. Hishine has the complete Research & Development team (R&D team) and mature R&D capabilities, therefore, led sports light can be customized according to your need.

2. The control of glare

What’s glare?

Glare is the lighting that unreasonably distributed led light enters your field of vision and interferes with your vision. Glare will affect the player’s level of performance, and it will be difficult for players to see their opponents, as well as on-court signs and other aspects. Audience will not watch the game clearly and the effect viewing will be greatly reduced.

The standard of glare

The glare standard of whole football field must be less than 50. Hishine is specialized in led football field light for more than 10 years, our stadium light has the professional design and technology to control the glare. And the light has a UGR of less than 30, that means less light overflow and sky glow, and it is better to focus the light exactly where you need it.


The evaluation scale of glare

Glare control index GF

The feeling of eyes

Rated glare GR












Just acceptable













3. The standard of color temperature (CCT)

Football Stadium Lighting The standard of color temperature (CCT)

Color temperature stands for specific presentation of football field light through the human being’s eyes, such how warm or how cool, and the specific unit is expressed in Kelvin (K). In general, its scale of color temperature is from 1000K to 10000K. According to the standard of football field, the overall color temperature of above level need to be higher than 4000K. Cool white light is more recommended and its the most acceptable range is from 5000K to 6000K, because it can refresh people and provide better lighting effects for the athlete and audience.

4. High color rendering index (CRI)

Football Stadium Lighting High color rendering index (CRI) 

Color rendering index is the best way to check whether a lighting source can display objecting colors sensibly and clearly or not. The high CRI represents that objecting colors presented under led light are very closed to the color when it would be presented under natural light.

According to the standard of football field, the CRI of ;ed football field light should be more than 70Ra. The led football field light that Hishine provided is more than 80Ra, that provides a guarantee for realistic colors. It creates a very good viewing effect for sports audiences.

5. Non-flicker (improving the quality of broadcast)

Football Stadium Lighting Non-flicker 

The usual manifestations of stroboscopic are jittery, flashing, etc., and it has a great impact on TV broadcasting. It is conceivable that if the TV screen appears jittery, flickering, etc., TV audiences will not be able to accept it, and the economics of TV advertising, TV broadcasting rights and other TV broadcasting will be greatly affected. Now is LED lighting era and the effect of flicker is more prominent, which greatly affects the effect of broadcasting, especially for high-definition TV broadcasting and slow motion.

Led football stadium lighting that Hishine provided is with high-quality Inventronics drivers. And it will not produce any visible effect of flicker, therefore, the clear vision can be provided in a high definition broadcasting football fields.

6.The pollution of light

If the lighting is not all in the right position, and useless lighting is wasted in the sky and affects the neighbors. That status is called lighting pollution.

To solve this problem, Hishine led football stadium light is designed with an anti-glare measure and can guide the lighting onto the objected areas for reducing the lighting loss. And the narrow beam angle can be helpful for concentrating the lighting.

7. Professional & Best LED football field light manufacturer

The lifespan of led stadium light is long and its price is relatively high, thus it needs much reliable supports from the manufacturer. As a professional led football field light manufacturer, it must ensure these basic abilities as below:

a. Productive capability

Football Stadium Lighting Standard 

The productive capability of a manufacturer stands for the overall strength of a company. Hishine has a 20,000-square-meter producing and testing factory, ensuring the producing capability and quality. At the present, the producing capability per month can be achieved to 30,000pcs. And OEM service also can be provided.

b. Led Football field lighting solution

The project of Led stadium field is related to many parts, such as height, beam angle, light quantity. When we just know the square meter of the stadium field, how can we do that solution?

For stadium light, we often will use some software to make its lighting solution, such as Dialux, CAD, etc. And Dialux is the software usually used. We can provide the free solution with you when confirmed the led light quantity, wattage, and beam angle.

c. After-sales service

When you consider the led stadium light of a manufacturer, the warranty period is an important part that needs to notice highly. Most of the led light manufacturers offer a 3-5 year warranty and don’t provide the after-sales service. Hishine led stadium light manufacturer can provide a 7-year warranty with you. Within the warranty period, we will help you solve that problem and provide technical support at any time.


The following standards apply to football stadium lighting, thank you for your patience. We sincerely hope that it will bring you many useful ideas. Hishine is a professional LED lamp manufacturer with a history of 10 years. It integrates research and development capabilities, football field lighting design, LED football field lighting solutions and technical support to ensure you get a perfect experience and service. (Learn more about stadium lights)


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