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How to choose indoor basketball hall lighting fixtures

0 Author 2022-04-15 17:20:28

We all know that good stadium lighting can improve the quality of the stadium, reduce maintenance, and improve the operating efficiency steadily. At the same time, it also allows people who love sports to exercise more comfortably and feel more comfortable.

Generally speaking, the lighting of stadiums requires a large lighting space, a long distance, and high illumination technology. Therefore, the selection of lighting fixtures is critical, and appropriate professional lamps must be selected. So what should be paid attention to when choosing lamps and lanterns in stadiums?

(1) The light distribution of the lamps should be adapted to the installation height, location and lighting requirements of the lamps. Narrow beam and medium beam lamps should be used in outdoor stadiums, and medium beam and wide beam lamps should be used in indoor stadiums.

(2) Lamps and accessories should be able to meet the requirements of the use environment, lamps should be high strength, corrosion-resistant, lamps and electrical accessories must meet the requirements of heat resistance.

(3)  The protection level of the lamp housing is less than IP55, and the level of places without maintenance protection or pollution is not less than IP65.

(4) The opening method of the lamps should ensure that the aiming angle is not changed during maintenance.

(5) Lamps should be provided with or with an indicator device for adjusting the angle. The luminaire locking device shall be able to withstand the maximum wind load under the conditions of use.

(6) Lamps installed at high altitude should choose products with light weight, small volume and small wind load coefficient.

(7) Lamps should have anti-glare measures.

(8) The lamps and their accessories shall have anti-fall measures.

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