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How to design the lighting scheme for badminton?

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How to design the badminton court lighting copy? How to install and arrange the lighting fixtures? This article analyzes common badminton lighting schemes, from common to tall professional competitions, takes you to find out, and helps you choose a more suitable badminton court lighting scheme.

When the spring blossoms to play, badminton is very popular and easy to use. Whether it is a teenager or an old man in his 60s or 70s, as long as he can hold a racket and run, he can make gestures in the badminton court. Twice. Regardless of the technical level, the popularity and participation of badminton are second to none in all sports.
Due to the characteristics of badminton, it has very high requirements for the venue and lighting. The badminton sphere is small, and it is fast when smashing the ball vigorously (up to 400KM per hour). If the lighting effect is not good, it will seriously affect the judgment of the course and the landing point!
For badminton lighting, lighting has a direct impact on badminton court lighting and various indicators of court lighting (illuminance, uniformity, color rendering index, glare, etc.). Sports lighting will start with the following conventional layout.

1. Top layout (gypsophila)

The luminaires are arranged above the site, and the beams are arranged perpendicular to the plane of the site. For the top arrangement, luminaires with symmetrical light distribution should be selected, which are suitable for main low-level spaces. For badminton courts with higher ground level illumination uniformity and no TV broadcast requirements, the luminaires should be sports lighting luminaires with anti-glare function. This arrangement is basically based on the roof arrangement point, which is easy to install.

2. Layout on both sides

The lamps are arranged on both sides of the field, and the beam is not perpendicular to the plane of the field. Lights on both sides should be equipped with asymmetric light distribution lamps and arranged on the horse track. It is suitable for stadiums with high vertical illuminance requirements and TV broadcasting requirements. The glare can be reduced by controlling the angle. When arranging lights on both sides, the aiming angle of the lamps should not be greater than 65 degrees. This kind of arrangement is common in ordinary professional stadiums, and sports lighting is very much arranged in this kind of stadiums.

3. Mixed layout

It is a combination of top arrangement and two sides arrangement. It is mainly to meet the requirements of high-definition broadcast of top events. The venue has a relatively high space and is equipped with horse tracks or lifting trusses. Generally, two or more different light distribution lamps are selected, mixed arrangement, and common in large-scale Badminton tournament. The luminaire should have the characteristics of instant start, accurate light distribution, and anti-glare device. The lighting luminaires for sports lighting can meet these requirements!

The above 3 forms are commonly used lighting forms for sports lighting. I hope that the sharing will be helpful to everyone.
Having said so much, I don’t know if I can help you with the confusion about the lighting layout of the badminton court. The different venue environment and positioning will also have different requirements for the layout of the badminton lighting fixtures. HISHINE linear high bay lights are designed for comfortable lighting, using high-efficiency LED chips, combined with a unique design, and using aluminum to create a new compact and heavy-duty lighting fixture.


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