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LED stadium light selection guide

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With the improvement of living standards, the aging of the population and the normalization of the epidemic, people’s awareness of sports has gradually deepened, and the demand for “national fitness” has become stronger, and they have begun to pursue convenient and efficient exercise methods. Sports venues represented by fitness exercises The demand continues to grow.

Therefore, in this era of LED stadium lighting leading sports lighting, the upgrade of stadium lighting has become a major issue considered by many stadium operators. A good lamp can not only prevent glare, but also reduce costs and increase efficiency, and increase the fun of participation for the majority of sports enthusiasts.

However, good lamps are not easy to find!

In the complex sports lighting market, it is not easy to find a suitable lighting fixture!

What is a high bay light? What is a panel light? What is a flood light?

How to achieve multiple uses of lighting in one venue? How to realize smart light control?

What type of luminaire can be selected to meet the current illumination needs?

What are the specific power requirements for replacing traditional metal halide lamps with LED stadium lamps?

How to choose the right brand of lamps? How to solve the safety problem of high-altitude installation of lights?

...Too many problems are waiting for the stadium operators to deal with.


Sports lighting is a particularly professional system engineering. The design and installation of lamps must be completed by professional electricians or even lighting engineers. The installation of lamps at a height of tens of meters cannot be installed by ordinary people at will. Moreover, if the lighting upgrade is not solved in time, it may hinder the development of the stadium and even cause serious losses! For example: due to glare problems, athletes cannot perform various sports in the stadium normally. During the competition, it takes more than ten minutes for the traditional metal halide lamp to turn on, and the heat is serious, which affects the normal operation of the competition.

Good lighting keeps the stadium full of vitality and vigorous combat effectiveness! Poor lighting makes the stadium look like "a pool of stagnant water" from the beginning, and it will only result in "no one cares" for the stadium. Therefore, if you want to buy suitable sports lighting fixtures, it is far from enough to just look at the "brand" selections advertised on the Internet. You need to understand the craftsmanship and materials of the lamps and lanterns. Only by choosing reliable lamps can your stadium get on track as soon as possible. At present, all countries are vigorously promoting energy saving and emission reduction, advocating and supporting the use of energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED lighting products. The use of LEDs has become the general trend.

LED is recognized as an energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and highly efficient product. It emits light from semiconductor chips, has no filaments, no glass bubbles, and is not easily broken. The service life can reach 50,000 hours, reducing costs, soft colors, no flicker, no radiation, and infrared light without ultraviolet light.

Therefore, LED stadium lights are the first choice for sports lighting.

HISHINE is a Chinese LED football field light manufacturer with 15 years of experience in LED sports lights.

Lighting is one of the important links to fully reflect the function of the stadium. The focus of the stadium lighting is the stadium lighting, that is, the competition lighting; followed by general lighting, auditorium lighting, emergency lighting, venue lighting, building interior lighting, indoor lighting and road lighting Wait.

So what parts of the choice of stadium lighting should be paid attention to, let's take a look.

01 Lamps and lanterns should have their own or attached angle-adjusting indicating device. The lamp locking device should be able to withstand the maximum wind load under the conditions of use.

02 The lamps and their accessories must have anti-falling measures. Lamps and lanterns installed high in the sky should choose products with light weight, small size and small wind load coefficient.

03 Lamps and accessories should be able to meet the requirements of the use environment, the lamps should be high-strength, corrosion-resistant, and the electrical accessories of the lamps and lanterns must meet the requirements of heat-resistant grades.

04 Glare is directly related to the lighting method, installation height, angle, and power of the lamp. It is recommended to adjust the height and angle to reduce the glare of the lamp in places with high requirements for glare.

05 The power of the light source should be compatible with the size, installation location and height of the competition venue. Generally speaking, outdoor stadiums should use high-power and medium-power lamps, and indoor stadiums should use medium- and low-power lamps, except for some venues with special competition requirements.


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