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squash court lighting

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Squash court lighting-LED sports court lighting


In fact, one of the underrated parts of squash court is very important to the game: squash court lighting. In creating a high-quality and high-quality squash court lighting system, there are some elements that must be paid attention to. Brightness is the top priority from beginning to end. Because most of the squash courts are located in relatively small indoor club areas, at a low height, and when the ball is moving at high speed, the brightness of the squash court becomes very important. Therefore, our opinion is that it is recommended to use at least 500 lux outdoor lighting fixtures for squash court lighting. Why is it said that LED squash court light is the best choice to replace metal halide, fluorescent lamp, halogen lamp or HPS flood light? , Because it has higher energy efficiency.


How to make the squash court brighter and obtain higher illumination. The ball is clearly visible in the high-speed movement?


The lighting layout measured at 1 meter above the ground should be at least 500 LUX. The layout of the squash court light was developed to ensure good visibility not only in the center of the squash court, but also in all four corners. Through the timing device or manual switch, the squash court light can be controlled externally. In the process of installing squash lights, customers can use two different options. Depending on the type of building and the available height, HISHINE can install the light directly on the ceiling or hang the light from the ceiling. Both of these options need to ensure that the 5,64-meter headroom from the ground is measured from the ground, which is the rule of the game.


Squash court lighting-LED sports court lighting 


Factors to consider for squash court lights




High brightness is basically related to high glare rate, which is the worst enemy of high-speed movement. Therefore, the second priority may be glare rate. We basically evaluate this through UGR. There are already many technologies in optical design, or in the layout, positioning and installation of lamps.




Color temperature and CRI are also very important factors to consider. We usually need a configuration that prevents sunlight, so that players can feel natural, which will make the lighting friendly to the eyes and the camera.

Next, we need to consider durability. Due to the rapid movement of the ball, it is more practical to use LEDs instead of fluorescent lights in the court. Before replacing the LED lamp, the fluorescent tube is brittle.




Flicker rate is only considered when shooting video, but a recent study shows that low flicker rate can easily cause eye fatigue, which greatly affects the performance of squash players and the visual experience of the audience. Therefore, we recommend buying stadium lights without flicker.


IK rate (good impact resistance)


A high IK rate is very necessary because the ball may hit the light at high speed. IK10 rated light is very necessary, it will provide enough sound and good shock/impact resistance. All HISHINE LED sports lights have passed IK10.


Recommend the best LED squash court lights


Recommend the best LED squash court lights 




Advanced optical lens design to minimize glare and light pollution (Snap-in Type Lens View angle 60°/90°/120° available)


UGR <20


CRI> 70/80/90




Multiple installation options


At least 50% can save metal halide or fluorescent lamp alternative energy




We can simulate the lighting design according to the needs of the stadium. Provide the best LED stadium lights, as well as lighting alternatives for stadiums, arenas and sports fields. If you have any sports light projects, welcome to contact us for lighting design or more product details.

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