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What is the impact of poor heat dissipation on LED high bay lights?

0 Author 2021-12-24 14:22:42

LED high bay lights are cold light sources, so many customers think that LED high bay lights will not be as hot as incandescent lamps. In fact, this is wrong. LED high bay lights also generate heat. When electrical energy is converted into light energy through LED semiconductor lamp beads, part of its energy will be generated in the form of heat. If the LED high bay light does not dissipate heat well, then the LED chip will heat up quickly, and long-term heating will cause the LED lamp bead to age, resulting in a linear decline in the usable life. Therefore, the high-quality LED high bay light will have better heat dissipation performance.

Poor heat dissipation influences the idea of ​​LED lamps:

1. Shortened life span
Poor heat dissipation will cause the heat of the LED lamp beads to be unable to dissipate during work to form a high-temperature pool, and the LED chip has a temperature in the working interval, and the temperature exceeding this working interval will cause the LED chip to accelerate aging, which will lead to the LED light-emitting semiconductor Form irreversible damage.
2. Affect the quality of lamps
When the LED lamp with poor heat dissipation works for a long time, it will also cause the aging of the sealed casing and apron. As the temperature of the LED lamp increases, these materials will accelerate its oxidation at high temperatures, resulting in reliability and stability. reduce.
3. Easy to cause failure
When the temperature of the LED lamp keeps working at a high temperature, the circuit components inside the lamp will be affected, and the circuit components will eventually be overheated and damaged, causing product failure.

Solve the problem of heat dissipation of LED high bay lights
1. Mainly start from two aspects of LED high bay light design and LED chip heat dissipation. The heat dissipation of the LED chip is mainly related to the process of the LED substrate. Generally, we will use high thermal conductivity as the LED substrate to increase heat dissipation and reduce weight.

2. The use of a customized heat dissipation integrated shell can not only increase the heat dissipation area, but also take into account the heat dissipation of other internal electronic components, making it more reliable and stable. Our latest fluid dynamics design is not only suitable for heat dissipation, but also aesthetics. HISHINE linear high bay lights are designed for comfortable lighting, using high-efficiency LED chips, combined with a unique design, and using aluminum to create a new compact and heavy-duty lighting fixture.

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