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What kind of lights are used in the stadium?

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With the progress of society, people pay more and more attention to physical and mental health. Various sports have also become entertainment activities for the whole people. Various sports have enthusiastic fans in all corners of the world. Whether it is a participant or a person watching the game, the requirements for lighting are getting higher and higher. It is required to have uniform brightness, anti-glare, and anti-overflow light to provide athletes and referees with a healthier and more comfortable sports light environment. It is also required to improve the viewing of the game and the participation of the audience. Spectators also require that they must pay close attention to athletes and competitions in a comfortable and pleasant environment. This requires that the LED sports lights have the function of turning on and on, and the lights can be adjusted immediately during halftime or between games. The lighting design of the stadium should not only meet the needs of various personnel on the scene, but also provide high-quality TV broadcast scenes for most TV audiences watching the game. Therefore, good lighting occupies an important position in modern stadiums. So, what kind of light is most suitable for sports fields? This article will find the most true answer for you.


What kind of lights are used in the stadium? 


Three main factors affecting the lighting effect of the stadium


The main factors affecting the lighting effect of the stadium are: light uniformity, color temperature of LED stadium lights, and excellent color rendering index.


1. The uniformity of light


What kind of lights are used in the stadium? 


The more uniform the light distribution, the better the illuminance and the more comfortable the visual experience. The closer the illuminance uniformity is to 1, the better; on the contrary, the smaller it is, the more visual fatigue. Illuminance uniformity = minimum illuminance value/average illuminance value, the minimum illuminance value is calculated according to the point-by-point calculation method. Formula: U0=Emin/Eav, U1=Emin/Emax, U2=1-((Emax-min)/Eav)


2. The color temperature of LED stadium lights


What kind of lights are used in the stadium? 

Color temperature is a unit of measurement that indicates the color components contained in light. Color temperature is a unit of measurement that indicates the color components contained in light. Theoretically speaking, the black body temperature refers to the color of the absolute black body after being heated from absolute zero (-273°C). After the black body is heated, it gradually turns from black to red, turns yellow, turns white, and finally emits blue light. When heated to a certain temperature, the spectral component of the light emitted by the black body is called the color temperature at this temperature, and the unit of measurement is "K" (Kelvin). The warm white range is generally 3000-3200K, the normal white range is generally 6000-6500K, the natural white range is generally 3500K~4500K, and the cool white range is above 8000K. Sports lighting (such as table tennis court lighting, billiard lighting) requires natural white lighting. The color temperature is about 4000K, and the color temperature of football and basketball courts is between 5000K and 5700K. The color temperature of hishine stadium lights can meet all sports lighting needs.


3. Excellent color rendering index


What kind of lights are used in the stadium?


In order to achieve a good color TV broadcast effect, the lighting quality of the stadium is not only related to the illuminance, but also closely related to the color temperature and color rendering of the lighting source. Article 3.3.2 of my country's "Civil Building Lighting Design Standard" GBJ133-90 stipulates that the color rendering index Ra of general light sources for color TV broadcasting should not be less than 65. According to the requirements of CIE NO.83 and FIFA, the light source The correlated color temperature Tc is greater than 5000K and the light source color rendering index Ra is greater than or equal to 80 to achieve the best on-site lighting effects and color TV broadcast effects.(as shown in the above picture for clear contrast display)


How to choose the best LED stadium lights?


1. Pursue quality:


We choose the best LED stadium lights, we must choose the excellent quality lights, such as good heat dissipation structure, convenient heat dissipation, independent power control system and embedded button control box, easy to repair and replace, lens angle selection Many, long shelf life, high typhoon resistance, high IP index. As we all know, the high-power sports light chip generates more heat. Therefore, a good heat dissipation structure is extremely important for sports lights. It can not only greatly increase the service life of lamps and reduce light decay, but also ensure the safe use of lamps. Hishine conducted repeated experiments on sports lights for 10 years, and finally used a unique hexagonal heat dissipation structure, which can quickly dissipate heat. Hishine can ensure the same luminous efficiency within 7 years, and the life span exceeds 50,000 hours.


2. High Lumen:


Lumen, a unit of luminous flux. A point light source with a luminous intensity of 1 candela (cd) has a luminous flux per unit solid angle (1 steradian) of "1 lumen", the English abbreviation (lm). The so-called lumen simply refers to the brightness of a candle light one meter away (1 meter = 1 meter). Lumen is a unit of luminous flux. In principle, the greater the luminous flux, the better, but the increase in luminous flux is achieved by increasing the current. This may bring about two negative effects: a. High current can easily cause light decay. b. When the luminous flux is high, the color rendering will decrease. Hishine uses high-quality Lumileds lamp beads, which reduces these two negative effects to zero.


3. Ensure that the stadium lights are waterproof and wind resistant:


Because the stadium area is large and usually open in the open, it is inevitable that there will be typhoons and heavy rains, so the sports lights need a wind resistance level of 10 or more. High-pressure jet water has no effect and completely prevents dust from entering. Therefore, the IP index cannot be less than IP65.


4. Easy to install:


For the installation of sports lights, the simpler the more convenient. The simpler the lamp technology, the more mature. And the guide has a variety of installation methods, so as to be suitable for various occasions. The usual installation methods include 360° rotating bracket, round rod bracket, U-shaped bracket and other installation methods.


5. Looking for a higher color rendering index:


The color rendering index (CRI) refers to the ability of the light source to restore the visual perception of the object under the sun. The higher the color rendering, the closer the color rendering index value is to 100, the stronger the ability to restore the color of the object, and the easier it is for the human eye to distinguish the color of the object.


6. Color temperature:


sports lighting needs natural white lighting, the color temperature is about 4000K, and the color temperature of football and basketball courts is between 5000K and 5700K.


Recommend the most suitable LED stadium lights


With the following knowledge, you know what kinds of led light you should take. But are there any special outdoor lamps worth recommending? Of course, we have some private mold led light used for outdoor. Here is a summary of some noteworthy products for your reference.


1.Hi-Shoot HS-HM600-B LED Stadium light


Hi-Shoot LED Stadium light 600W


Hi-Shoot LED Stadium light 600W continue to improve product performance and energy-saving and environmental protection standards with their high-quality appearance design and superheat dissipation performance. Facing the future market, it dares to adopt high-tech SMD7070 led chips and a unique and innovative cooling system. Whether considering energy-saving, wind resistance or considering the use of television broadcasting, it is the first choice for your stadium.


2.Hi-Robot HS-HM120W~1300W-A LED High mast lights


Hi-Robot LED High mast lights-A


Hi-Robot LED High mast lights-A are designed to provide high-lumens non-glare lighting for various sports fields and television delay broadcasts so that viewers and athletes can obtain the ultimate visual enjoyment. Since the product was put on the market, it has won praise from European and American customers. The unique hollow design breaks the traditional bulb design and improves heat dissipation, earthquake resistance, and wind resistance of the product. The modular design provides multiple possibilities for future use. You can choose from a variety of power levels, and you can directly replace the HID lamp without changing the pole structure.


3.Hi-Hit LED High Mast Light 500W


Hi-Hit LED High Mast light


Hi-Hit LED High Mast light series, suitable for large-scale stadium lighting, suitable for large, medium and small football fields, tennis courts, badminton courts and other stadiums, parking lots, airports and other places. Our design light efficiency can reach 120lm/W, which can replace the traditional HID lamp with 1:1. For larger illumination areas, we designed narrow angles such as 20°, 30°, 45° and 60x100°, combined with precise aiming devices, light can be accurately projected to the illumination area. The sun visor can trim excess light and reduce the impact of light on the house during application




Therefore, choosing the best LED stadium light needs to choose high light uniformity, the color temperature of the LED stadium light is 5000K, the color rendering index is greater than 80, and the heat dissipation structure is good, independent power control system and embedded control box, Easy to repair and replace, many lens angle options, long shelf life, high typhoon resistance, IP index higher than IP66. If you still don’t understand the complete article, please feel free to contact us. I will provide you with the most professional answer.

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