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Which standards should the football field lighting follow?

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Before the popularization of LED sports lighting, most stadiums used metal halide lamps. Now, in response to the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, LED lamps are energy-saving lighting equipment with long life, high luminous efficiency and energy saving of more than 50%. Began to rise rapidly.

LED stadium lighting fixtures are divided into spotlights and spotlights. The difference between the two is that the spotlight will be equipped with a set of reflectors on each integrated chip, so that the irradiated light is more concentrated, which is useful for increasing the illumination distance and the brightness of the attached ground. Great effect.

Generally speaking, the selection of stadium lighting fixtures includes two aspects: one is the type of fixtures, and the other is the number and power of the fixtures.

The lighting design scheme of football stadium uses lamps and lanterns, which are generally high pole stadium lights or projection stadium lights. The lighting position can be installed on the edge of the stand ceiling or above the pole. The number of lights and the number of lights are determined according to the different lighting requirements of different stadiums. Power size. According to the positioning standards of the football field, it can be divided into the following levels: training and entertainment activities illuminance 200lx, amateur games 300lx, professional games 500lx, regular TV broadcast 1000lx, large-scale international game broadcast 1400lx.

For example, a five-a-side football field, according to the actual area of the field, 6 special light poles for the 8-meter stadium can be used, and each light pole is equipped with 2 LED 200W floodlights, a total of 12 LED lamps, the illuminance value achieved by this configuration scheme is just right More than 200lx. Of course, we can further increase the illuminance value by increasing the number or power of the lamps.

So, for different stadiums, how high the stadium light poles need to be selected is also a key issue.

The outdoor 5-a-side football field has a total length of 38-42 meters and a total width of 18-22 meters. According to the practical experience of most outdoor football field lighting fixtures, it is more appropriate to choose a pole with a height of 6-8 meters for a futsal field. This height can not only ensure the uniform distribution of the LED projection light of the mainstream football field in the market, but also The light efficiency is high, and it is not easy to cause dizziness to interfere with the visual judgment of football players.

The outdoor 7-a-side football field has a total length of 65-68 meters and a total width of 45-48 meters. As the area of the venue increases, in terms of practical effects, the 12-15m light pole can completely support the lighting needs of the seven-a-side football field.

The outdoor 11-a-side football field has a total length of 100-110 meters and a total width of 64-75 meters. According to the two different ways of installing light poles on both sides of the football field and installing light poles at four corners, the height of the light poles is 20-25 meters, of which the 20-meter light pole is suitable for the method of installing lights on both sides, and the 25-meter high pole light pole Suitable for four-corner lamp installation.

Reasonable height of the pole, with high-quality lamps, can produce high-quality lighting effects.

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