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Baseball Field Lighting Solution

Author 2021-07-13 13:44:38

Project Time: 2021.07.10

Project information: USA

Products used: LED Stadium light 960W


LED Stadium Light 960W


We are all familiar with baseball. It is one of the most popular sports in the world because of its very strong spectacle. There are also international events held every four years in the world. In some countries, such as the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries have a very high audience and love. In some countries, the popularity of baseball is relatively small, because baseball has higher requirements for its venues.

First of all, the field of the baseball field is 1.6 times that of the standard football field, and it presents a right-angle fan shape. According to the standard of the game field, the distance between each side of the infield is 27.43 meters. The distance between the center of the leading edge of the pitcher board and the corner of the home plate is 18.44 meters. The valid playing area outside the bounds is the area not less than 18.29 meters behind the home base and the sides. The sides are at least 97.54 meters long. The distance between any point of the connecting line at the top of the two sides and the sharp corner of the home base shall not be less than 97.54 meters. A backstop net should be set at 18.29 meters behind the sharp corner of the home base. The net height is more than 4 meters and the length is more than 20 meters. Set up a fence around the site with a height of more than 1 meter.

Because of the location of the baseball stadium, the lighting of the baseball stadium is different from the traditional stadium lighting. The priority is given to the infield because the diameter of the baseball is small and the movement speed is fast. To capture the trajectory of the movement, sufficient horizontal lighting and certain The vertical illuminance of the height range.

Therefore, the general baseball field lighting is looking for a more professional LED lighting manufacturer to provide professional solutions. Today’s case is a baseball field located in the United States. This baseball field is a non-event-level baseball field, but the baseball field itself The reason is that more professional lighting is needed. So the client came to our HISHINE Group Limited, hoping that we could set up a perfect lighting system for their baseball stadium.

After receiving the customer's request, HISHINE Group Limited conducted inspections and simulation calculations for the site, and finally provided the customer with a perfect solution. Because the baseball stadium requires a certain height range of vertical illumination and high level lighting, the high pole light pattern is adopted. Two 960W LED Stadium Lights are arranged on each high pole. In the end, a total of 50 960W LED stadiums are used. Light, respectively, are arranged around the venue, covering the venue in all directions, and adjusting the angle of illumination to ensure that no glare is generated, while bringing standard lighting coverage to the venue. Brings a professional and perfect lighting system to the customer's baseball field.


Baseball Field Lighting Solution


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