Badminton court lighting
  • Badminton court lighting
  • Badminton court lighting
  • Badminton court lighting
  • Badminton court lighting
  • Badminton court lighting

Badminton court lighting

Product Parameters:

  • Product Name: LED badminton court lighting
  • Wattage: 6480W
  • Luminous Efficacy: 76800lm
  • Beam Angle: 20°/30°/45°/60X100°
  • Supply Voltage: 100-227V/347V/480V AC
  • Certification: UL,DLC,CB,CE,SAA,SASO,IP67
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Badminton court lighting 


Badminton courts need lighting equipment, which can be used in indoor and outdoor badminton courts. One of the most important aspects of badminton courts is the lighting. The lighting of the badminton court plays a vital role. It should not only be bright to illuminate the space, but also be bright enough for people and athletes to see everything in the stadium. Do you want to upgrade the lighting of the badminton court?

For casual users, the lux requirement is about 200 lux. For professional users such as LED badminton court lighting for international competitions, it becomes 750 to 1000 lux. According to the natural sunlight on your sports field, we will adjust the number of badminton lights used.


What are the standards for badminton courts


1.Badminton court size standard

The badminton court is 13.40 meters long, 6.10 meters wide for doubles and 5.18 meters wide for singles. The diagonal length of the doubles court is 14.723 meters, and the diagonal length of the singles court is 14.366 meters. The center of the field is a rectangular field divided equally by a ball net (both pillars are 1.55 meters high and the middle net is 1.524 meters high).


Badminton court size standard 


2.Height of badminton court

According to international competition regulations, the minimum space above the stadium is 9 meters. Within this height, there should be no beams or other obstacles. There shall be no obstacles within 2 meters of the court. There should be a minimum distance of 2 meters between any two courts side by side.


Factors affecting the lighting of badminton courts


1.Illumination uniformity

The lighting uniformity is used to measure the visual conditions in the venue. The uniformity of lighting means that the stadium should be able to be evenly illuminated, and there should be no areas that are too bright or too dark, so as to provide good visual conditions for athletes, spectators, and referees. For example, for television broadcasting, when the camera shoots the panorama of the competition area, the illuminance cannot change greatly, otherwise the camera will be exposed.



Glare is another important factor in the evaluation of lighting quality. The generation of glare is related to the installation method, installation height, quantity and installation density of lamps, and light distribution of lamps. When there is too high brightness contrast in the field of view, people will feel dazzling, thereby affecting people's vision. If you look at the sun at noon on a sunny day, you will feel that you cannot open your eyes. This is the glare caused by excessive brightness. The glare of the badminton court is direct glare. Due to the low ceiling, the light source is very dazzling when the athletes exercise, and the eyes are uncomfortable over time, which seriously affects the athlete's observation of the ball movement.


3.No flicker

The stability of lighting directly affects people's health, and unstable lighting can lead to reduced vision of athletes. The lighting stability is mainly reflected in the stroboscopic effect. The stroboscopic is caused by the periodic change of the current when the AC power is supplied, and the luminous flux will also change periodically, making people feel illusion when observing moving objects. The periodic change of current causes the light source to be unstable. As a result, there is obvious flicker during artificial lighting. When observing the movement of the shuttlecock, you can see a blurry shadow with low resolution.



The color of the badminton is white, and the background wall is white, which will cause the players to lose sight of the course. In order to increase the color difference between the shuttlecock and the background wall, the light and shadow effect of the lamp is used to reduce the brightness of the background wall. An opaque lampshade can be used to block the shadow of the lampshade onto the wall, while another part of the light shines on the ground and reflects into the field, thereby reducing the brightness of the background wall, making the contrast between the badminton and the background large, and making the vision clearer when the shuttlecock is moving.


How to obtain high-quality LED badminton court lighting ?


1.Bright enough

High-quality badminton court lighting should have enough brightness to meet the lighting needs of entertainment and games. The power of our badminton court lighting is 320W to 1300W, and this power can meet different lighting levels.As a professional manufacturer of high-power floodlights, we can meet customers' various lighting requirements.

Badminton court lighting Bright enough

2.Choose long-lifespan badminton court lighting

Regardless of the type of stadium lighting, a long service life is essential, because the lamp has a longer service life, which means that its maintenance frequency will be lower and the maintenance cycle will be longer. In this way, the cost of this badminton court lighting project will be greatly reduced, which not only includes maintenance costs, but also includes the cost of replacing new lamps.


Badminton court lighting 


3.Higher uniformity

Uniformity means that the stadium should be able to be evenly illuminated, and there should be no areas that are too bright or too dark, so as to provide good visual conditions for athletes, spectators, and referees.Higher uniformity can provide a more comfortable lighting effect, on the contrary, the lower the uniformity of illuminance, it will make people feel visual fatigue.


Badminton court lighting 



Glare has always been a common problem in LED lighting, Most of the LED lights on the market have serious glare problems, because there are many factors that cause glare problems, including the brightness of the halo surface or lamp reflection, the size of the light source, the background brightness of the surrounding environment, and the total uniformity of lighting.The current methods to avoid glare mainly include:


1. The material of the lamp            2. The structure of the lamp  

3. Number of lamps                   4. Location of lamps


5.Efficient heat dissipation system

High-power badminton court lights will generate a lot of heat when they work. If there is no efficient heat dissipation system, it will accelerate the light decay of the LED lights, which will affect the life of the LED lights and even cause damage to the lights.In addition, the efficient heat dissipation system can make the lamp work normally without affecting the performance of the lamp.


Badminton court lighting 


6.Modular design

Our LED badminton court light adopts a modular design, so that it is convenient for customers to repair and replace in the later period, so there is no need to remove the entire light for repairs after a failure, just need to fail The module is removed separately for repair. In addition, if a single module fails, it will not affect other modules, which is a major advantage of LED badminton court lights.


Badminton court lighting 


7.Free lighting layout design

For high-quality badminton court lighting, Dialux simulation is essential, because only through professional lighting design can professional high-quality lighting be obtained. We have a professional team of engineers, willing to provide customers with free professional lighting design for reference. At present, we have provided lighting design technical support to thousands of customers, and our professional services are widely praised by customers.

Badminton court lighting 



High-quality badminton court lighting needs to be considered in combination with badminton and background colors. It is necessary to consider not only the brightness but also the glare problem and the uniformity of lighting. In addition, the convenience of maintenance and the service life of lamps should also be considered. Finally, if you need our technical support, please contact our engineer team.

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