LED Volleyball Lighting Solution Ultimate Guide
  • LED Volleyball Lighting Solution Ultimate Guide
  • LED Volleyball Lighting Solution Ultimate Guide
  • LED Volleyball Lighting Solution Ultimate Guide
  • LED Volleyball Lighting Solution Ultimate Guide

LED Volleyball Lighting Solution Ultimate Guide

Product Parameters:

  • Product Name: LED Volleyball Light
  • Wattage: 720W
  • Luminous Efficacy: 115200lm
  • Beam Angle: 20°/30°/45°/60X100°
  • Supply Voltage: 100-227V/347V/480V AC
  • Certification: UL,DLC,CB,CE,SAA,SASO,IP67
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Volleyball Court Lighting-Stadium Lighting Solution | HISHINE Lighting


With the improvement of living standards, volleyball is a very popular sport. The lighting of volleyball courts is essential to improve the performance of athletes. If the lighting is not correct, it will affect the player's vision. In addition, spectators will not be able to see what is happening on the court. Therefore, proper lighting in volleyball courts is very important. The live broadcast of the FIVB Women's Volleyball World Cup is very high-definition, and the photos taken are also very high-definition, but the videos and pictures taken by some volleyball clubs are blurry, blurry and noisy, and are worthless. Because taking pictures in a volleyball court requires a good light environment: volleyball court lighting.


Volleyball court lighting requirements


1.Illumination (brightness) requirements


Volleyball court lighting requirements 


The size of the area is 30 feet * 60 feet. If you want to know the height of the net, it is 7 feet 11 5/8 inches (male). As for the Lux requirement, it varies with the nature of the match. For entertaining or low-level games, the lighting requirements for volleyball courts range from 75 lux to 200 lux. If used in professional competitions and top competitions, the value is increased to 500 lux.


2. Illumination uniformity requirements


In addition to brightness, we also need to look at the uniformity of lighting. The volleyball LED light for professional games is 0.7, and the value is 0.5 for entertainment. We provide lighting solutions with a uniformity of 0.75, which can meet the needs of almost all competitions. Please contact our engineers for free to get free lighting opinions and designs. In order to further improve the uniformity, we can use an indirect lighting scheme, that is, the ceiling floodlight is directed upwards, and then the reflected beam is used to illuminate the volleyball court


Volleyball court pole lighting arrangement


In order to have the best uniform lighting on the volleyball court, you need to focus on the poles required in the field. The courts have different pole arrangements- 4 poles, 8 poles, etc. Not only that, the height of the rod is also different. If the poles are high and the number is small, a higher power LED light is needed on each lamp. However, high-power LED volleyball court lights mean heavier. Due to a certain weight safety factor, we need to ensure that the total weight of the lamp does not exceed the limit. Otherwise, it will be very dangerous. Our products use top aluminum alloy. This material is strong, durable and lightweight. Sometimes we may need to install 10 to 20 sets of luminaires on the pole. If you choose a product that is too heavy, you need to reinforce the pole. The cost will be very high, possibly as high as the volleyball court lighting itself.


Buy volleyball court lights takes note

Anti-glare function


Volleyball courts are a lively area, but the anti-glare function of lighting is usually ignored. If the strong light generated by the bulb does not have the anti-glare function, it will cause physical discomfort and affect the game experience, and the viewer's eyes will also feel discomfort.




Volleyball courts are mostly located on the beach or used in outdoor and indoor stadiums, so they must be waterproof. This will enable them to withstand severe weather conditions. Therefore, LED lights are very suitable for outdoor volleyball courts, which require waterproof and at least IP65.


High luminous efficiency


High-efficiency lamps are the key to reducing electricity costs. You must choose durable and efficient LED lights, which means you will be able to use low-power lights to get more light. Our LED lights can reach 160Lm/W, and 100W LED lights can replace traditional lights above 250W.


Excellent heat dissipation


Another important consideration for volleyball court lighting is heat dissipation. The shell and internal design of the lamp need to ensure good heat dissipation effect (this will directly affect the service life of the led lamp)


Color temperature


Color temperature is also a factor to consider. Volleyball courts on the beach are mainly used for entertainment, usually using 3000-4000K warm light colors. If it involves the competition area, it is recommended to use white light of 5000 to 5700K.


Why Choose Hishine LED Volleyball Light


Volleyball Court Lighting-Stadium Lighting Solution | HISHINE Lighting 


The market is filled with tons of LED stadium lights; however, not all the lights are made equal. The best-LED stadium light you can install in your volleyball court is from HISHINE. The Hi-Robot LED stadium light is an ideal choice for lighting up the stadium. It can easily replace a 2000W HID lamp without incurring any extra cost.


1.High light efficiency


LED stadium lights have been in development for some years. In the past, many people did not choose LED stadium lights because of poor brightness. Although the brightness of LED stadium lights is getting higher and higher, its power is generally very large, so people also require it to save energy. The energy-saving LED stadium lights mainly depends on its luminous efficiency. The higher its luminous efficiency, the more it saves energy. Nowadays, the luminous efficiency of most stadium lights on the market is generally about 120lm/w, while the luminous efficiency of our stadium lights reaches 160lm/w.Such high luminous efficiency can save customers a lot of electricity costs every year.


2.Flexible splicing of multiple modules


The LED stadium lights we produce adopt modular design and each unit of different modules can be spliced freely and flexibly according to different venues and different lighting needs.In addition, due to the modular design, if one of the lights in the module is broken, the other lights will not be affected, and only the damaged lights need to be replaced during maintenance and replacement. It's very convenient on maintenance.


LED Volleyball Lights module splicing 




When there is a strong brightness contrast or extremely bright bright spots in the field of view, people’s pupils will shrink, forming light spots in the eyes, destroying people’s visual system’s adaptation to the surrounding physical space, causing visual decline or discomfort sense. The glare is firstly due to the high brightness of the light source surface. The higher the brightness of the light source, the more serious the glare.Our LED stadium lights are designed with lampshades, which can effectively solve the glare problem.


4. High CRI


The color rendering index has been introduced before. The larger the color rendering index, the stronger the ability to restore colors, so the visual effect in TV broadcast is better.The color rendering index of our LED stadium lights is very high, the color rendering index is greater than 90Ra, such an excellent color rendering effect can fully meet the lighting requirements of professional large-scale sports events


5.TV broadcast


If the stadium lighting uses LED stadium lights and is used for professional events, then you need to consider whether it can meet the requirements of high-definition TV broadcasting, and the main factor that affects high-definition TV broadcasting is stroboscopic, which will also affect the players Your eyesight affects normal performance. Our high mast lights truly achieve no flicker and low glare value, which can truly meet the requirements of large-scale professional event lighting and high-definition TV broadcasting.


6.Heat dissipation


LED Volleyball Lights Heat dissipation 


Although the LED light is called the cold light source, the various components in the lamp body will generate heat due to resistance and other factors after being energized. As we all know, the higher the power of the lamp, the more heat is generated, the more serious the heat, and the main factor affecting the life of the LED light is the heat problem, because the light decay of the LED light will increase due to the increase in temperature. In order to effectively solve the heat dissipation problem, our high mast light first selects high-quality heat-dissipating aluminum material in the material and evenly spreads thermal grease on the surface. In addition  it  adopts hollow-out heat dissipation fin design in appearance design


7.Effectively solve light pollution


LED Volleyball Lights Effectively solve light pollution 


With the development of LED technology, the brightness of various LED lights has been greatly improved, but it is because the major LED manufacturers blindly pursue the brightness, but ignore that it may be bad to the normal life of the surrounding resident's influences. In addition, LED lights on the market generally have glare and stroboscopic problems. The more severe fact is that these low-quality LED lights flood the market. In addition, the ultraviolet ray produced by LED lights is also a problem that people easily ignore, but it unknowingly affects people's health seriously. We take these factors into consideration at the beginning of the design and production of our high mast lights and regard them as one of our main objectives and selling points.


8.Resistance level


LED Volleyball Lights anti-corrosion and waterproof 


1.Waterproof level

The LED stadium lights you can see are all standing outdoors, so excellent waterproof performance is essential. According to the theory, the waterproof level of outdoor lamps only needs to reach IP65. However, we have a very high requirement for the quality, because the power of outdoor LED stadium lights is generally very high, so the price is not cheap. In order to avoid customers' loss due to water intake of lamps, the waterproof level of our LED stadium lights reaches IP67.



LED stadium lights are baptized by nature throughout the year, and are exposed to wind, rain, and sun, so this requires the lamp shell to have good corrosion resistance. Our LED stadium lights is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which has a huge advantage over iron materials in terms of corrosion resistance.



Since the pole length of the LED stadium lights is generally more than 15 meters, according to scientific knowledge, the higher the height, the higher the wind speed.Then you can imagine, if you encounter squally rainy weather, what is the wind speed at a height above 15 meters? If the wind resistance of the LED stadium lights is not good, the blown off LED stadium lights will cause danger to the surrounding residents. In this regard, our stadium lights have been tested for wind resistance, and the test results show that our stadium lights can withstand the intrusion of winds of level 17.


9.Long lifespan and low maintenance cost


Calculated according to the average service life of various lamps, the service life of LED lights is about 10 times that of traditional metal halide lamps, while the service life of LED stadium lights on the market is generally more than 50,000 hours. The average service life of our LED stadium lights is close to 100,000 hours, and such a long service life can greatly reduce maintenance frequency and maintenance costs. In addition, because the installation method of our stadium lights is simple and flexible, the maintenance is also very convenient.


10.Free Dialux simulation


For those LED stadium lights used for stadium lighting, we can provide customers with free Dialux simulation services and provide reference opinions for customers' lighting arrangements. Our team of engineers will be very glad to help you.


11.Multiple installation methods and uses


LED Volleyball Lights Multiple installation methods 


Due to the variety of installation methods, our LED stadium lights can meet different installation conditions. Therefore, our stadium lights have a wide range of uses, not only for stadium lighting, airport lighting and construction site lighting,It is even installed on the boom of a gantry crane in the port after being purchased by customers.




Volleyball court lighting is very important for spectators and athletes alike. Since not every volleyball court is the same, your lighting needs will be slightly different. It is very difficult to make general recommendations that may not apply to your situation. If you want to get a free quote or lighting design for volleyball courts and gymnasiums, please feel free to send us a message.


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