LED Golf Course light
  • LED Golf Course light
  • LED Golf Course light
  • LED Golf Course light
  • LED Golf Course light
  • LED Golf Course light
  • LED Golf Course light

LED Golf Course light

Product Parameters:

  • Product Name: Hi-Shoot Series LED Golf Course lights
  • Wattage: 600W
  • Luminous Efficacy: 170lm/w
  • Beam Angle: 20°/30°/45°/60°
  • Supply Voltage: 100-227V/347V/480V AC
  • Certification: UL, DLC, CB, SAA, IK10, IP67
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Explore how to save golf course lighting through LED stadium lights. HISHINE's LED light driving distance lighting system has high durability, high energy efficiency and lightweight structure, so it is suitable for outdoor lawn fields. Our floodlights have a high lighting efficiency of 170 lm/W. After replacing metal halide, mercury vapor or HPS lights within your driving range, it can save 85% of energy. It has an IP67 waterproof rating, so it can be used in harsh environments. Work in the weather.


LED Golf Course light 


 Golf Course lighting design

To play golf at night, there must be adequate lighting, which puts high demands on golf course lighting. The lighting requirements of golf courses are different from other sports fields, and the issues to be considered are different from other sports fields. The golf course is very large,   many times larger than other sports fields, and divided into many fairways, for a golf course with a par 72, there are 18 fairways,18 holes; In addition, fairways The direction is basically one-way,  adjacent fairways are mostly single-direction, and the terrain of the fairway changes variously,  high and low, makes the positioning of the light pole, the type of light source, and the direction of light projection of the lamps are obviously different from other sports fields. It seems that the design is more complex and challenging.


1.The lighting of the hitting area.






Behind the main club hitting area, at least 5m away from the hitting area to install the light pole. It is necessary to use lamps with wide light distribution so that the hitting area has enough diffused light. At the same time, the decentralized installation of lamps is also considered. In order to reduce or avoid the shadow of the hitter in the hitting zone.



The lighting of the hitting area


Illumination of the hitting area    

(1)Horizontal illumination of the hitting area: the average horizontal illuminance of the main stick hitting area should be above 150Lx;   

(2)Vertical illumination of the hitting area within 30m height:   

an Average vertical illuminance behind the main stick It should be above 100Lx;  

b The average vertical illuminance at 100m in front of the hitting area should be above 300Lx;   c The average vertical illuminance at 200m in front of the hitting area should be above 150Lx.


1.Channel intensity of illumination 

within the total length of the channel, whether it is horizontal or vertical illuminance, it is necessary to provide good lighting conditions for this undulating hilly area. The required average level of illumination should be above 120Lx. The average vertical illuminance should be above 50Lx. The vertical illuminance is the average vertical illuminance on the cross-section of the effective width within 30m of the vertical height on the channel.


2.Illumination in the putting green area  

The putting green area should also have sufficient illumination. And should try to reduce the human shadow caused by the hitter when hitting the ball in multiple directions in the area. The average level of illumination in this area should be 250Lx or more.


Why use LEDs in golf course lighting

1.Lower cost

Due to the relatively high luminous efficiency of LEDs, the brightness of a 600W golf course light can be equivalent to that of a 2000W HID fixtures. If it runs for 5 hours a day and costs $0.12 per kilowatt-hour of electricity, Then the electricity cost saved by a 600W golf course light than a 2000W HID fixtures is: (2000—600)×5×$0.12/1000=$0.84, the annual electricity cost saved by a 600W golf course light is 365×0.84=$306.6, and the number of lights required in a golf course is relatively large, so that the annual electricity bill saved is very considerable. In addition, the later maintenance of LED lights is easy, which makes the maintenance cost relatively low.


2.LED long life (over 30 years)

The average service life of our golf course lights is more than 80,000 hours. If calculated according to seven hours of operation per day, then its lifespan should be : 80000 ÷ ( 7 × 365 ) = 31.3(years) . This kind of long lifespan cannot be achieved by HID fixtures, and its lifespan is ten times that of HID fixtures.Such a long service life can also save customers a lot of money.


3.Beam angle

The golf course is divided into four parts: ball area, smooth road, obstacle area, and green area. The tee area lighting should prevent strong shadows, and use wide light distribution stadium lights to project at close range; the fairway lighting is mainly floodlights with narrow light distribution to ensure sufficient vertical and uniform illuminance during the golf flight; the green must be illuminated from two opposite directions, which can reduce the shadows of golfers when putting the ball. The light poles must be arranged in the range of 15° to 35° from the centerline of the green. And our led lights for golf course have an angle of 15°/30°/45°/60°, which can well meet the lighting requirements of the above-mentioned areas.

led Golf Course light Beam angle 


Glare is another focus issue that must be considered in golf course lighting design, and it is also a problem that golfers complain most. In sports lighting design, the standard that clearly has the definition and numerical requirements of glare is the FIFA stadium lighting standard. The main factors affecting glare are the glare control characteristics of lamps, lighting design and the surrounding background environment.

For the problem of glare, our golf course lights use a combination of internal and external glare controllers. According to the lighting characteristics of the golf course, different glare controllers are used for the tee, fairways, and greens to better achieve the lighting control effect.


5.Color temperature

According to our many years of golf course lighting design experience and the feedback of existing golf courses on the lighting situation, the color rendering index of the light source of the golf course light is preferably between 65 and 80, and the color temperature is between 3700 and 4200K,the light court can get the best visual effect.The color temperature range of our golf course lights is 3000K to 6500K.


6.Illumination uniformity

led Golf Course light Illumination uniformity

Golf is an outdoor sport that makes full use of space. People walk on the grass and the ball flies in a space of 10,220m. Therefore, when considering the lighting of the golf course, not only the illumination of the golfer's walking and the ball falling on the lawn should be considered. The most important thing is to make the light of the upper space of the stadium as uniform as possible without dimming the sphere, making the lighting light soft, meeting the visual requirements of golfers, and achieving the same performance under the light as under the sun.


Golf course lighting solutions

1.Golf course lighting requirements

• High-efficiency light sources are preferred.

led Golf Course lighting

In this way, when the same illuminance is achieved, the number of light sources required can be reduced, thereby reducing electrical circuit material costs and installation costs, that is, reducing initial investment.


• High-CRI and high-CCT

led Golf Course lighting High-CRI and high-CCT


According to field practice, LED golf course lights with color rendering index Ra>80 and color temperature above 5500K will reproduce the style of the golf course, such as the primary colors of lawns and spheres.


• Choose higher cost performance lights

Mainly consider from the aspects of lamp utilization factor, lamp and light source life, and lamp maintenance factor.


• Choice of light poles.

There are several common types, such as fixed type, tilting type, pneumatic lifting type and hydraulic lifting type. How to choose it must be considered in combination with the stadium environment and the economic strength of the investment operator, and the premise is to ensure the natural beauty of the stadium without affecting the stadium environment.


2.DIALUX simulation

led Golf Course lighting DIALUX simulation


The professional DIALUX simulation will help you figure out how to arrange the location of the lights and the required quantity when designing the golf course lighting, so as to minimize the cost, and we can provide this service to customers for free.



3.Lighting cost of golf course

Lighting cost of golf course

Take a typical 18-hole golf course as an example. Assuming its total area is 5000 square meters, according to the design standard, the illuminance per square should be 200lux, and the total illuminance is 5000×200lux=1000000lm. Our 600W golf course light The illuminance can reach an average of 170Lux per watt, so the total wattage required is about 6000 watts. As the actual factors of the site may not be limited, you can ask our lighting designer for specific details.

Calculated based on the electricity cost of $ 0.12 per kilowatt-hour and the operating time of 6 hours a day, the electricity required for a day is 6000×6×0.12÷1000=$ 4.32 ,and $129.6 a month, one year is $47,304 .


4.The cost of golf course light

Although LED lights are more expensive than traditional HID fixtures, the number of LED lights used is less than that of traditional HID fixtures, and due to the long life of LED lights, it will save customers a lot of labor in later maintenance cost, and simple maintenance.The cost of each 18-hole golf course light is about $5,000 to $20,000.

However, the price of HS-HM-600W-A from Hishine is relatively cheap compared to other peers on the market, and it is a very cost-effective product. It is a very cost-effective product, and its price is less than 400 US dollars.


There are several points worth noting in the golf course lighting design,the core of concern is  the effect of its lighting, including the level of illumination of the stadium, the uniformity and consistency of the illumination, the effect of glare on golfers, and the impact of spilled light on the surrounding environment. Due to the characteristics of golf itself, different areas have different lighting requirements, and the tee, fairway, and green each have different lighting requirements.(Read more LED stadium lights)


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