LED Racecourse Light
  • LED Racecourse Light
  • LED Racecourse Light
  • LED Racecourse Light
  • LED Racecourse Light
  • LED Racecourse Light

LED Racecourse Light

Product Parameters:

  • Product Name: Hi-Shoot Series LED Racecourse Light
  • Wattage: 600W
  • Luminous Efficacy: 170lm/w
  • Beam Angle: 20°/30°/45°/60°
  • Supply Voltage: 100-227V/347V/480V AC
  • Certification: UL, DLC, CB, SAA, IK10, IP67
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How to illuminate the entire racecourse with LED lighting? Construction of sports facilities, the development of television, satellite and Internet broadcasting technology, LED replace metal halide, high pressure sodium lamps and fluorescent lighting.LED Racecourse Floodlight-Racecourse Lighting


Racecourse lighting standards

Racecourses need to install lights suitable for the horse’s forward path, because once the lights dazzle the horse’s eyes, it will cause the horse’s temperament to change, which will increase the risk of people on horseback. Therefore, the lighting standards of the racecourse need to consider the following aspects.



The brightness of a horse race at night is an important indicator. If the brightness is not enough, it will affect the rider's control of the situation on the field. In addition, the competition of the horse race is very fierce, and the speed of the horse is very fast. If the brightness is not enough, it is difficult to detect a lot of foul operations. There may be accidents. Secondly, if the brightness is not enough, it will be difficult for spectators to see the real situation of the game and the performance of the horses.According to the lighting standards of the racecourse, the uniform illuminance of the racecourse can meet the lighting requirements when it reaches 400 Lux.



In the racecourse lighting design process, not only human factors must be taken into account, but also horse factors must be taken into account. If the glare value of the LED racecourse light is too high, it will seriously affect the performance of the horses, which is easy to stimulate. As far as horses are concerned, the glare value will seriously affect the temperament of the horses, which may lose control on the field, which will cause danger to the rider’s life.In terms of anti-glare, you can consider adjusting the arrangement and angle of the lamps to solve the problem.


3.Reduce maintenance frequency

The maintenance difficulty and inconvenience of outdoor stadium lighting has always been a problem that plagues owners. Why is it difficult to maintain outdoor stadium lighting? Because outdoor stadium lighting is generally installed at a height of more than ten meters, if you want to maintain it, you need to lift the equipment to a high place for maintenance. However, another problem is that the installation operation of the replacement of the lighting is complicated after the use of the lifting equipment. It takes a long time and maintenance takes a long time.Therefore, maintenance frequency is also an important factor for racecourse lighting.

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How to light up the racecourse

How to light up the racecourse 

To light up the racecourse, we first need to divide the racecourse lighting into different areas. First of all, for racetrack lighting, we generally use high pole stadium lights. If it is a traditional metal halide lamp, they should have high power (2000W) to compensate for the long distance between the lamp itself and the ground. For our (Hshine) high pole stadium lights, only 600W is enough.The lighting of the internal auditorium area of the racecourse cannot be ignored, because it is also a part of the entire stadium. The proper brightness helps the spectators to enjoy the horse race on their seats. For the auditorium lighting, the required LED lights do not need to use floodlights, you can use high bay lights to solve the auditorium lighting problem well.


Advantages of LED lighting in racetracks


LED Racecourse Floodlight-Racecourse Lighting Maintenance-free 

The operation of the LED lamp is relatively stable, even if it is used for a long time, there will be almost no failure, so the maintenance frequency and maintenance cost are greatly reduced. According to the maintenance cost of traditional lighting, the maintenance cost of LED is only one tenth of it, and maintenance is more convenient.


2.Long lifespan

The service life of LED lights is generally more than 50,000 hours. Our LED racecourse lights are at least 80,000 hours. Such a long service life is almost 10 times that of traditional metal halide lamps, and the service life of LED lights is calculated based on 7 hours of daily use. At least more than 30 years.


3.High light efficiency

LED Racecourse Floodlight-Racecourse Lighting High light efficiency 

Due to the large number of lamps required by the racecourse and the relatively large power, the electricity cost per day is not a small amount, so the light efficiency problem should be considered when choosing the racecourse light.So why does LED light have an advantage in racecourse lighting? Because LED is a cold light source, it does not generate a lot of heat during the light-emitting process, so the light efficiency of LED light is much higher than that of traditional lamps.


4. Flexible installation

LED Racecourse Floodlight-Racecourse Lighting Flexible installation 

Compared with the traditional lighting installation method, the installation method of LED light is very flexible, and various installation methods can be applied to the installation requirements of various scenes. In addition, the installation is very convenient and the operation is very simple.

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The following factors are mainly considered in the lighting design of the racecourse,First of all, we need to consider the brightness problem to meet the required illuminance of the stadium; secondly, we need to consider the problem of glare to avoid the serious impact of glare on the horses and riders; again, we need to consider the light efficiency, high light efficiency can save a lot of electricity bills ; The last important point is maintenance. Long service life can greatly reduce maintenance frequency and save maintenance costs.

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