LED Rugby field light
  • LED Rugby field light
  • LED Rugby field light
  • LED Rugby field light
  • LED Rugby field light

LED Rugby field light

Product Parameters:

  • Product Name: Hi-Shoot Series LED Rugby field lights
  • Wattage: 600W
  • Luminous Efficacy: 170lm/w
  • Beam Angle: 20°/30°/45°/60°
  • Supply Voltage: 100-227V/347V/480V AC
  • Certification: UL, DLC, CB, SAA, IK10, IP67
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Rugby field lighting is an important part of the rugby game, which is of great significance to the rugby game. Rugby field lighting is an important part of football field design, and it is more complicated. It must not only meet the requirements of athletes in competitions and watching spectators but also must meet the requirements of color temperature, illuminance, and lighting uniformity in live TV broadcasting. This requirement is much higher than that of athletes and spectators. In addition, the lighting method should be closely matched with the overall plan of the rugby stadium and the structure of the stands.

In particular, the maintenance of lighting equipment is closely related to architectural design and needs to be fully considered.

LED Rugby field light

Rugby Field Lighting Standard


1.Rugby field lighting requirements

Stadium lighting is divided into seven levels, training and entertainment activities illuminance 200lx, amateur games 500lx, professional games 750lx, general TV broadcast 1000lx, large-scale international competition HD TV broadcast 1400lx, TV emergency 750lx.


2.Color rendering standard

Color rendering is an important aspect of evaluating the quality of lighting. Color rendering index is an important method to evaluate the color rendering of light sources. It is an important parameter to measure the color characteristics of artificial light sources. The higher the color rendering index, the better the color rendering of the light source. The stronger the ability to restore the color of the object.Generally, for rugby field lighting , the color rendering index is required to be greater than 80Ra .




Rugby Field Lighting Standard

3. The size of rugby field

The rugby field is a rectangular grass 100 meters long and 70 meters wide. The two long sides of the court are sidelines and the two short sides are touchdown lines. Behind the touchdown line is a touchdown zone 10-22 meters deep, and the bottom line of this zone is the dead ball line. There is a goal in the center of the touchdown line. The goal posts are 5.6 meters apart and connected by a crossbar at a height of 3 meters.


4. Uniform illumination

It is best not to have shadows in the lighting of the rugby field, especially when it is broadcast on TV. Imagine that there are shadows on the screen when it is broadcast on TV. It is most likely that the audience cannot see the real-time situation of the game when the highlights appear. This is a very disappointing thing.

A good rugby field lighting can be done without any shadows, and can completely show the real situation of the rugby field when it is broadcast on TV.




LED Rugby field light Uniform illumination

Led rugby field lighting design

1.Multi-pole layout

Multi-pole arrangement is a form of arrangement on both sides. The arrangement on both sides is a combination of lamps and light poles or architectural horse tracks, arranged in clusters or continuous light strips on both sides of the competition field. As the name suggests, the multi-pole layout is to set up multiple groups of light poles on both sides of the venue. The outstanding advantage of the multi-pole arrangement is that it consumes less electricity, and the vertical illuminance is better than the horizontal illuminance. Due to the low light pole, the multi-pole lighting type has the advantages of less investment and easy maintenance.


2.Light strip layout

Light strip arrangement is another form of two-sided arrangement, that is, the lamps are arranged in rows on both sides of the rugby field to form a continuous light strip lighting system. The light band is uniformly illuminated, and the brightness between the athletes and the stadium is relatively good. At present, it is recognized in the world that this method of lighting can meet the requirements of color TV broadcasting, high-definition TV broadcasting and even ultra-high-definition TV broadcasting.


3.Hybrid layout

Hybrid layout is a method of lighting arrangement that organically combines the four corners and two sides layout (including multi-pole layout and light belt layout). This is currently the world's largest comprehensive stadium to solve the lighting technology and lighting effect. Kind of cloth lamp type.

The hybrid arrangement has the advantages of two kinds of lighting, which strengthens the sense of solidity. The vertical illuminance and uniformity in the four directions are more reasonable, but the degree of glare is increased. At this time, the four corners are often not installed independently, but unified with the building structure, so the cost is relatively low.

The four-corner spotlights are mostly narrow beams, which solve the problem of long-distance light projection; the light bands are mostly medium beams and narrow beams to achieve far, middle, and near projection. Due to the mixed arrangement, the projection angle and azimuth arrangement of the four corners can be handled appropriately and flexibly, the length of the light strip arrangement can also be appropriately shortened, and the height of the light strip can also be appropriately reduced.


Why use LEDs in football stadium lighting

1.High light efficiency and saving money

LED lights are currently the most energy-saving light source in the world.  LED light works normally without heat or slight heat, and the conversion efficiency of electric energy is higher. The current luminous efficiency of LED lights can reach 130lm/w-180lm/w. Compared with traditional lighting, it can save several times to dozens of times the electricity bill and the average service life of LED bulbs is more than 30 years , which can greatly save costs.


2.Long lifespan

The service life of LED is more than 50,000 hours. It has surpassed the service life of any traditional light source. It is 50 times that of incandescent lamps and 10 times that of metal halide lamps. If it is used for 8 hours a day, the LED can be used at least theoretically. 30 years, thus saving a lot of maintenance costs.


3.Good color rendering and variety of colors

LED can emit white light of various color temperatures and various monochromatic lights, and the color rendering of LED white light is very good, with a color rendering index of 80, which can better interpret the true color of the object compared to high-pressure sodium lamps. LED monochromatic light colors are diversified, avoiding the limitations of traditional light sources in the selection of light color requirements. Traditional colored lights are used for color processing on the outer surface of the light source, resulting in low luminous efficiency. LEDs can directly emit monochromatic light with pure colors.


4.Environmental protection 

LED is a solid light source, does not contain gas, is a semiconductor device, all materials are recycled, and it is a truly environmentally friendly product. The metal halide lamp contains a large amount of mercury vapor, which is highly toxic, and causes environmental pollution to the atmosphere during the production process and after payment, which seriously affects the health of the body.


5.Earthquake resistance 

Traditional light sources are mostly glass products, which are filled with various gases or vacuums, which are easily broken. LED is a solid-state light source, with good shock resistance, even if it is accidentally dropped on the ground, it will not be damaged.


Benefits of Our LED Rugby field lighting


Innovative Technology

We have done a survey, the luminous efficacy of LED sports lighting on the market generally does not exceed 160lm/w. however, the luminous efficacy of our sports lighting has reached 180lm/w uniquely, which is a very remarkable breakthrough. At night, our sports lighting can be as bright as daytime, But it won't make you feel any dazzling.

Benefits of Our LED Rugby field lighting


Power supply is easy to replace

Due to  sports lighting is  usually installed in high places, so our designers took into account the cost of convenience and maintenance for customers when designing this light. In order to solve this problem, we set the installation position of the power supply at an appropriate and safe height .


Avoid Spill Light

In order to maximize the use of light, we designed a special lampshade for the product to reduce the loss of light, so as to achieve the condensing effect.

LED Sports Lighting 


Multiple Mounting

-360 degree rotating bracket: Special design, two parts can support adjust lighting angle. With bottom of bracket, you can adjust the light left and right 90 degree; With top of bracket, you can adjust the light up and down 180 degree.

-Round pole bracket: Support vertical and horizontal installation

-U-bracket: Can up and down easily, the angle can be adjusted is 180 degree.

LED Sports Lighting 


Typhoon 17 resistance

We adopted the air convection structure to reduce wind road . therefore, our stadium lights have excellent wind resistance:Typhoon 17 resistance

LED Sports Lighting 


Lighting Performance

Moving on to the way LED lighting to distribute light: as a result of the multi-point design, LED sports field fixtures for the site and large area applications often provide a very EVENLY distributed light pattern.  What this means is that light levels across a given surface will vary less as the distance from the pole or fixture changes.  Compared to HID fixtures, which often produce a “bright spot” directly underneath the fixture with light levels decreasing drastically as the distance from the pole increases.  The result, in regards to LED vs HID, is a more even foot candle distribution from the LED conversion.  In addition to the even distribution of light, LEDs are available in a range of color temperatures, and as a result, provide a range of options to increase the visual perception of “brightness."


Free DIALUX simulation

Nowadays, stadium lighting needs to undergo DIALUX simulation first. We have professional engineers to provide customers with free DIALUX simulation to provide customers with the basis for the led rugby field lighting design . Hishine has ten years of experience in stadium lighting design, and can meet customers' various rugby field lighting design needs.


1. For outdoor football stadiums, Hishine 600W LED stadium lights should be used.
2. The power of the light source should be compatible with the size, installation location and height of the competition venue, and the light source should be guaranteed to work uninterrupted or start quickly.
3. The light source should have suitable color temperature, good color rendering, high luminous efficiency and long life.
4. The correlated color temperature of the light source should also meet the lighting requirements!(Read more LED stadium lights)

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