LED Sports Lighting
  • LED Sports Lighting
  • LED Sports Lighting
  • LED Sports Lighting
  • LED Sports Lighting
  • LED Sports Lighting
  • LED Sports Lighting
  • LED Sports Lighting

LED Sports Lighting

Product Parameters:

  • Product Name: Hi-Shoot Series LED Sports Lightings
  • Wattage: 600W
  • Luminous Efficacy: 170lm/w
  • Beam Angle: 20°/30°/45°/60°
  • Supply Voltage: 100-227V/347V/480V AC
  • Certification: UL, DLC, CB, SAA, IK10, IP67
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As LED technology becomes more and more mature, this technology has been widely used in various lighting scenarios.For example, LED sports lighting, the use of LED technology in sports lighting solves the high brightness requirements that traditional lighting cannot meet the requirements of sports fields.And the energy consumption of LED sports lighting is lower than traditional sports field lights.


 Ensure players perform at their best

 Are you still worried about can not find the appropriate sports lighting?

It’s a right place here !
Hishine LED sports lighting enhances the player experience and ensures that athletes perform at the best level and reduce the risk of injury.


Ensure players perform at their best  Are you still worried about can not find the appropriate sports lighting?  It’s a right place here ! Hishine LED sports lighting enhances the player experience and ensures that athletes perform at the best level and reduce the risk of injury.


In addition, all our led sports lighting can meet the requirements of international sporting bodies and Obtain various international certifications, like CE, CB, UL, DLC, SAA, VEET, ROHS, and so on.

As a high-tech enterprise in China, we have overcome the glare and shadow problems of LED lights very early, Our LED Sports Lighting utilizes the advanced technologies. We design the specific lighting of the sports field according to different needs to maximize the visibility of the venue. Innovative optical design reduces glare, allowing players and audiences to show more exciting performance and experience.

Our 600w LED sports lighting can replace traditional 2000W sports light, it is one of the feature products of Hishine, it features with high light efficiency, up to 170lm/w. It is a widely used football field, stadium, tennis court, basketball court, and other sports fields.


Part Number




Lumen Output


LED Quantity




LED Chip

Lumileds 7070

Luminous Efficacy






Beam Angle


IP Rating


Working Temperature

-30℃ to +55℃

Input Voltage

AC100-277V/347V/480V, 50/60Hz, >0.92


7 years




Die-casting Aluminum housing+PC lens


 How to meet for the illumination of sports lighting?

  1. illumination intensity

Before getting the required illuminance, we must be clear is Television or non TV broadcast? Because they correspond to different illumination intensity.


• Television broadcast (such as the World Cup) Usually we use the highest standards 2400lux and 3500lux.


• Non-TV (community) broadcasts only require 200 lighting intensities. Non-professional sports clubs can have 500 lux.


Lighting Specifications For Non TVs








Competition Level







Eh ave(lux)





National competition III






League competition II






Trainning and entertainment competition I







Lighting Specifications For TV Relay Competitions




Vertical iluminance

Level illunination

Characteristics of Camera



Average vertical illuminance

Ilunination uniformity

Average level of illunination

Illtmination uniformity

Color temperature

Color rendering

International level









V level slow notion camera


























5=80       better 90


national IV level coherentbroadcasting

Fixed camera



mobile camera (ground)



Fixed camera










 2. Technology

The most efficient chips

The most efficient control the illuminating range of the luminaire to minimize installation costs

With advanced calculus light distribution, controlling 98% light beam with pinpoint precision without creating glare or off-site spill


 3. Heat dissipation

LED Sports Lighting 


If the high-power sports lighting equipment does not have excellent heat dissipation performance, its life and performance will not reach the best expectations. Therefore, the unique air convection radiator design can provide excellent ventilation efficiency. Air flows freely between the pins in any direction, thereby maximizing the heat dissipation and life of the LED.


 4. Technical glare

The glare on the sports field not only gives players and audiences uncomfortable glare but also the visual experience of the TV broadcast, especially for high-power stadium lights. HISHINE has done it on the anti-glare lens, which can reduce the glare to 40%.


 5. Maintenance convenient

Have you ever worried that the lights will be installed in a very high place if they are unforeseeably damaged, how to maintain it, or how to replace it? If the power supply is broken, you need to climb to a high place to replace it, it will increase your cost and difficulty of maintenance.


 6. Wind-resistant performance

Because sports lighting is installed in high places, engineers must consider the wind resistance of sports lighting to avoid safety accidents. When we are designing the product, we are also considering the wind resistance. In order to solve the concern of the lamp body being subjected to strong wind, we adopted Hexagon design to minimize wind load


 Benefits of Our LED Sports Lighting


 Innovative Technology

We have done a survey, the luminous efficacy of LED sports lighting on the market generally does not exceed 160lm/w. however, the luminous efficacy of our sports lighting has reached 170lm/w uniquely, which is a very remarkable breakthrough. At night, our sports lighting can be as bright as daytime, But it won't make you feel any dazzling.


LED Sports Lighting has reached 170lm/w


 Power supply is easy to replace

Due to  sports lighting is  usually installed in high places, so our designers took into account the cost of convenience and maintenance for customers when designing this light. In order to solve this problem, we set the installation position of the power supply at an appropriate and safe height .


 Avoid Spill Light

In order to maximize the use of light, we designed a special lampshade for the product to reduce the loss of light, so as to achieve the condensing effect.


LED Sports Lighting 


 Multiple Mounting

-360 degree rotating bracket: Special design, two parts can support adjust lighting angle. With bottom of bracket, you can adjust the light left and right 90 degree; With top of bracket, you can adjust the light up and down 180 degree.

-Round pole bracket: Support vertical and horizontal installation

-U-bracket: Can up and down easily, the angle can be adjusted is 180 degree.


LED Sports Lighting 


 Typhoon 17 resistance

We adopted the air convection structure to reduce wind road . therefore, our stadium lights have excellent wind resistance:Typhoon 17 resistance


LED Sports Lighting 


 Lighting Performance

Moving on to the way LED lighting to distribute light: as a result of the multi-point design, LED sports field fixtures for the site and large area applications often provide a very EVENLY distributed light pattern.  What this means is that light levels across a given surface will vary less as the distance from the pole or fixture changes.  Compared to HID fixtures, which often produce a “bright spot” directly underneath the fixture with light levels decreasing drastically as the distance from the pole increases.  The result, in regards to LED vs HID, is a more even foot candle distribution from the LED conversion.  In addition to the even distribution of light, LEDs are available in a range of color temperatures, and as a result, provide a range of options to increase the visual perception of “brightness."


 Free DIAlux simulation

Before a lighting project starts, engineers will do a lighting simulation in advance to detect or satisfy a certain lighting requirement, then professional DIAlux simulation is essential. In order to reduce the workload of customers, we can provide customers with this service for free.
HISHINE have so many years of experience on the stadium project, if you are working on the project, please feel free to contact to get a free DIAlux simulation.




Free DIAlux simulation


 Long warranty

Our products have a warranty period of up to 7 years, which is very rare in any industry, which stems from our strict requirements and strict controls on quality


 Why choose HISHINE?

1. HISHINE is a professional R & D manufacturer.

2. Provide a one-stop service for design, lighting, and installation instructions.

3. World's top design system, easy installation, and more convenient maintenance.

4. 15 years focus on glare and light pollution control.


 Why choose HISHINE LED?

1. High lumens, saving 40% of electricity cost

2. The independent design of lamps and drivers is suitable for different sports courts to improve the flexibility of the system and effectively reduce the load of the light poles according to the needs of the courts.

3. Combined with the remote dimming system, it can automatically adjust the luminous flux output according to the demand and improve the atmosphere of the sports field.

4.HISHINE's constantly pursues high quality, ease of use and installation of products, saving installation and maintenance costs

5. HISHINE's lighting technology. Brings a better experience for athletes, viewers, and TV broadcasts.

6. We are not only a lamp manufacturer, but also a professional lighting designer.

7. Our LED lights will not illuminate the residents' homes, or light pollution, or even irritate the eyes of athletes, which is a high technology of sports lighting.

8. We provide 10 years of lighting warranty



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