H5 UFO LED High Bay Light
  • H5 UFO LED High Bay Light
  • H5 UFO LED High Bay Light
  • H5 UFO LED High Bay Light
  • H5 UFO LED High Bay Light

H5 UFO LED High Bay Light

Product Parameters:

  • Wattage: 100W 150W 200W
  • Luminous Efficacy: 140LM/W
  • Lumen Output: 15000lm-30000lm
  • Warranty: 3 years
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led ufo high bay lighting

H5 UFO LED High Bay Light Parameters

Part NumberHS-HB100W-H5HS-HB150W-H5HS-HB200W-H5
Lumen Output15000lm22500lm30000lm
LED ChipSMD 2835
Luminous Efficacy140LM/W
LED Quantity110pcs165pcs220pcs
Beam Angle120º
IP RatingIP65
Working Temperature-30º~55º
Input VoltageAC100V-277V/347V/480V,50/60HZ
Warranty3 Years
MaterialDie-casting Aluminum housing+PC lens

H5 UFO LED High Bay Light Details

200W H5 LED high bay light

led lighting details

H5 UFO LED High Bay Light Packing Information

Part NumberPCS/CTNN.W(KG)G.W(KG)Package Size(mm)

H5 UFO LED High Bay Light Size

the size of the UFO light

Mounting Accessories

the accessory of UFO High Bay light

Microwave sensors indicate

  1. Not recommended for outdoor use. Rain can trigger it by mistake.
    2.They become less responsive to objects moving at constant speed.
    3.No vibration in the mounting position.
    4.Require power supply ripple less than 100mv
    5.The range and angle of the sensor will be affected by the surrounding environment o
    6.Microwaves have a penetrating effect, but not through reinforced concrete walls or metal objects o Single core wire is recommended for terminal.

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