LED Roadway Light
  • LED Roadway Light
  • LED Roadway Light
  • LED Roadway Light
  • LED Roadway Light
  • LED Roadway Light
  • LED Roadway Light

LED Roadway Light

Product Parameters:

  • Wattage: 45W 75W 100W 150W 200W 250W 300W
  • Luminous Efficacy: 155LM/W
  • Lumen Output: 6975lm 11625lm 15500lm 23250lm 31000lm 38750lm 46500lm
  • Warranty: 7 years
  • Certification: UL,DLC,CB,CE,SAA,SASO,IP67,ik08
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This is a roadway light known as the terminator of street lights. It is specially manufactured to replace traditional metal halide street lights. It has ultra-high lumens and can bring up to 155lm per watt. Due to the use of high-efficiency chips , So while bringing ultra-high lumens, it also saves up to 70% of energy consumption. At the same time, this roadway light has passed the quality verification of UL, DLC, CB, CE, SAA, SASO, IP67 and IK08. It can also work normally in harsh weather conditions and promises a 7-year warranty to provide you with a guarantee After sale. Such a led street light is definitely the best road lighting choice in your city.


Roadway Light


Roadway Light Product Specifications


Roadway Light Product Specifications 1
Roadway Light Product Specifications 2
Roadway Light Product Specifications 3


Roadway LightProduct Parameters

(5050 Chip Seres)

Lumen Output6975lm11625lm15500lm23250lm31000lm38750lm46500lm
LED Quantity40pcs80pcs80pcs120pcs120pcs200pcs240pcs
LED Chip Lumileds 5050
Luminous Efficacy155LM/W
Beam AngleTypeII,TypeIII

(3030 Chip Seres)

Lumen Output5850lm9750lm13000lm19500lm26000lm32500lm39000lm
LED Quantity77pcs154pcs154pcs231pcs308pcs385pcs462pcs
LED Chip  Lumileds 3030
Luminous Efficacy130LM/W
Beam AngleTypeII,TypeIII,TypeIV
IP RatingIP67
Working Temperature-30℃ to +55℃
Input VoltageAC100-277V/347V/480V, 50/60Hz, >0.92
Warranty7 years
MaterialDie-casting Aluminum housing+PC lens+Tempered glass cover


Key Features of Roadway Light

Better design: A good design brings a very good heat dissipation effect, and a variety of installation methods help you quickly install and use, and is more conducive to maintenance.

More choices: You can choose from 45w to 300w, you can choose different power street lights according to the use environment.

Easier to manage: the lora control system is adopted, which supports remote batch switching and dimming.

Smarter: The brightness can be adjusted according to the flow of people and usage, and the usage of street lights can be monitored in real time. It can be seen at a glance where the situation occurs.

More accessories: It can support the assembly of solar energy, allowing you to save more energy.


Key Features of Roadway Light 1

Key Features of Roadway Light 2

Key Features of Roadway Light 3

Key Features of Roadway Light 4


About HISHINE Group Limited

HISHINE is committed to researching better LED products and solving customer needs with better and more affordable prices.


Roadway Light Applications

Not only used in road lighting, but also in parking lots, residential areas, residential areas, parks, squares, and industrial areas.


Roadway Light Applications 1

Roadway Light Applications 2


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