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Author 2020-05-29

Why are LED lights better than other traditional lighting sources?

There are no such risks with LED stadium lights. These do not have these hazardous materials, don’t produce UV rays, and are far more efficient at producing light from the power supplied, using 90+% o...

Author 2020-05-27


With the progress of the times, we no longer think that sports fields and arenas are a stadium game. They carry our modern dreams and sports entertainment, they are the homes we pursue, and they are t...

Author 2020-05-22

Extensive Guide to Led Shoebox Lighting

All you need to know about parking lot lighting Parking lot lighting refers to lighting equipment that illuminates a large space (mostly outdoors). Generally, Led Shoebox Light is used to illuminate ...

Author 2020-05-19

For your best lighting LED Stadium Lights

With the changes of the times, every aspect of people is constantly improving, and of course HISHINE is no exception. HISHINE entered the global lighting industry as early as 2011, market-oriented, an...

Author 2020-03-31

The best LED stadium lights

As technology advances, including the latest technology in the field of lighting. Football field lighting with its own rules and regulations, which must be followed when fixed on the ground. I.e. LED,...