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What Is The Difference Between Weatherproof And Waterproof?

Author 2024-04-17 16:29:47

Outdoor lights must withstand harsh weather conditions such as dust, rain, wind, etc. In this case, it is crucial to consider whether you need a weatherproof or waterproof light. But in most cases, you might get confused between these two terms as they are often used as synonyms. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the difference!

The main difference between weatherproof and waterproof is how well they resist moisture or water. Weatherproof unit resists dust, rain, water splash, UV rays and other weather conditions. But they are not completely sealed for use underwater. In comparison, waterproof lights have a sturdier structure. Even when submerged in water, they prevent water from getting inside. Therefore these lights are used inside swimming pools, boats, marine lighting etc.

What is weatherproofing?

Weatherproof lights are light fixtures that can withstand typical weather conditions. These lights can withstand rain, wind, sunlight, and temperature fluctuations. For these reasons, these lamps are used for outdoor lighting. You can use them in gardens, terraces, building facades or outdoors in restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, etc. They can withstand water splashes but are not suitable for submersion or prolonged exposure to water. Therefore, they should not be used in areas where fountains, pools, or other fixtures are in constant direct contact with water.

weatherproof LED street light

What is waterproofing?

The waterproof light is completely sealed from water and moisture. These fixtures have a higher IP rating. Waterproof lights are often used in industrial areas with high moisture content. A noteworthy feature of these fixtures is that they can withstand submersion in water. Therefore, the lights you see in swimming pools, fountains, and underwater areas are all waterproof devices.

waterproof LED lamp

Weatherproof and. Waterproof Light Fixtures: The Differences

Weatherproof VS. Waterproof: Quick Differentiation Table


Water proof

Sports waterproof


Light rain, spray, dust, wind and general weather conditions

Excessive moisture, submerged conditions/under water


Powder coated, painted, stainless steel or corrosion-resistant aluminum

Epoxy resin, PU glue, silicone

Application areas

Outdoor lighting for commercial and residential spaces

Channel lighting


Entryway lighting

Outdoor sign lights

Swimming pool lighting

Marine lighting

Marine lighting

Underwater area

Industrial lighting

IP rating

IP44 to IP64 or higher

IP65 and IP68


The price is lower than waterproof lights

More expensive than weatherproof lights

The table above gives you an idea of the differences between weatherproof and waterproof lights. For your convenience, below I have discussed these facts in more detail.

1. Construction, sealing and coating

Weatherproof light fixtures

Most weatherproof lights are dustproof but not completely waterproof. These lights have a housing that protects them from UV rays, rain, and dust. Aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, etc. are commonly used materials in these clamps.

Waterproof lamps

The waterproof device has a waterproof structure. The main feature of these lights is that they do not allow water to enter the fixture. Therefore, the internal composition of the light remains safe when submerged underwater. To give these lamps such a structure, epoxy resin, PU glue and silicone coatings are used. Additionally, when installing these lights, the wires, connectors, and other notes must be waterproof. This ensures that the fixtures remain intact and are waterproof.

2. Protection level

Weatherproof light fixtures

These lights are resistant to rain, water splash, wind, dust and other regular weather conditions. But for underwater or underwater lighting, the level of protection of weatherproof luminaires is not up to par. Water will eventually get into the fixture and damage the bulb.

Waterproof lamps

These fixtures have a sturdy, sealed construction that provides greater protection against moisture. Even if these fixtures are installed underwater and moisture levels are present 24/7, they will remain intact. Therefore, waterproof luminaires have a higher level of protection than weatherproof luminaires.

3. application

Weatherproof light fixtures

The application of the luminaire depends on the environment of the location. Weatherproof lights are mainly used for residential and outdoor lighting. Commercial space. You can also use porch and entryway lighting, path and landscape lighting. Additionally, the light fixtures used as signs, i.e. neon signs, are also weatherproof. These lights can withstand harsh environments and handle constant dust, wind, rain, and other natural weather conditions.

Waterproof lamps

These fixtures are used wherever fixtures require constant direct contact with water - for example, swimming pools, oceans, boat lighting, and other underwater lighting needs. In addition, lighting fixtures in industrial areas may need to experience high humidity. In this case, waterproof lighting is used in food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and other similar industries.

The waterproof lamps in Hishine Group Limited




Hi-Robot High Mast Light

1300W Hi-robot high mast light

1. Able to withstand strong winds of level 17

2.10KV surge protection device, 20KV SPD is optional

3. It has good heat dissipation and can withstand high temperatures of 60°.

4. Smart Control: 1-10V dimming, DALI control, Photocell, Zigbee/Lora controll

5.Each model operates independently, convenient for maintenance


Hi-Flood Floodlight

400W Hi-flood floodlight

1.Multi applications (sports light, wall washer, street light)

2. Flexible U bracket angle (±90°)

3. Unique scale design (Easy to find the angle you want)

4.Independent driver housing design

5. good heat dissipation system

6. IP65

Hi-Slim Streetlight


1. It has good heat dissipation and can withstand high temperatures of 60°.

2.Power-off protection

3.NEMA socket (3/5/7pins), ZHAGA socket, Short cap, Photocell, Motion sensor, Knife switch, NTC, OLC, Solar Compatible, DALI Dimming

4. Easy to install and maintain

5.There are two vents with a balanced atmosphere pressure and moisture prevention.

6. IP67

B-Series All-In-One Solar Light

all in one solar street light

1.All in one design, easy for installation

2. Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panel, 20% power generation conversion efficiency (Polysilicon is only 16%)

3. Smart Control: Daylight sensor, Motion/PIR sensor, Timer dimming

4. Deep cycle lithium battery(LiFePo4), charge and discharge over 2, 000 times

5. Smart MPPT controller realizes intelligent control of lamps

6. IP65

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